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Choice Points in Your Business or Career, and Life

Over the course of business, career and personal life we all come to stages when we are dissatisfied, want growth, desire change or change is required. Decisions made at these times can have a profound effect on the course of one’s life.

At each stage and Choice Point, you can move forward fully aligned, with confidence, or you can be reactive and become sidelined, resulting in a lifetime of consequences you may not want. You can settle for less, never knowing “what if,” or you can take control and strategically plan how you respond to the choice point so you build toward a better outcome.

Taking everything into consideration, we’ll partner with you during these times so you confidently land on the best possible outcome that connects your immediate choices with the whole-life future you envision. So you achieve more, with greater ease. So you move further and faster than ever before.

  • Know where you want to go or grow.

  • Get clarity on how to get there.

  • Develop a realistic strategic plan for the results you want.

  • Smoothly bridge to your longer-term goals and desires.

  • Align with your truest values and mission in your personal and professional life.

What if you could achieve more, with greater ease?



Know Where You Want to Go or Grow.

So you go further, faster.

Success Stories

Insightful, dedicated, experienced entrepreneur: Dr. Jan Hoistad is an extraordinarily gifted leader who knows how to build businesses and the people who run them.
Working with Dr. Jan Hoistad is both productive and a pleasure. We have utilized Jan’s talents for strategic planning in building our team of employees and developing strategies for growth.
Dr. Jan provides the focus needed to look at the big picture and to create balance within both work and personal environments. Business owners and Team leaders can definitely benefit from Jan’s experience, insight, creativity, and ability to keep busy professionals on track with their goals.
Jan has been an invaluable resource to grow, define, and sharpen our business. She is supportive, intuitive, clear, and creative.
She has helped us vastly improve our hiring, employee management, and risk management processes, often with simple, creative strategies that make a big positive impact.

Dr. Jan helped us step back and look at the Big Picture, further defining our company mission, values, and visioning for the future, and then grounding that vision in the present. Her blending of the practical improvement of systems with the creative visioning for the future has been an inspiring part of our work with her.

With Jan’s help, we’ve been able to move our business forward without sacrificing our quality of life and partnering goals.

Case Studies