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  • What growth stage is your business in and do you know how far you want it and you to go? How do you attract the right talent, grow and keep them?

  • What considerations do you face if you are a start-up in development or seeking funding?

  • Do you have everything you need to take your business to the next level?

  • Are looking long-term to ready your successors or exit and take your equity with you?  

What do you need to do to navigate that next step? What questions need to be answered? Do you have everything needed to smoothly and efficiently go further, faster?

When you want to start, grow or exit your business, no matter how exciting the prospect, it’s always daunting. The learning curve, number of decisions and actions—let alone financial outflow—is overwhelming. It’s tough to keep up with demands for innovation, speed, new markets and pricing while also attending to the human factor, the relationships and positive leadership required. And that’s just in the work environment. Home life, closest relationships and personal goals are often taken for granted or neglected. Sometimes until it’s too late.

Not doing anything about your business dreams and life goals will ensure you’ll be in the same place next year. Your drive to grow the business and financial potential will go unmet. Satisfaction with life is negatively affected. This in turn affects everyone around you.

But when we touch down and create a strategic plan that considers the long term, you’re able to make decisions and take action steps confidently, allowing you to have more of what you want. Surrounded by the people and processes you need, supporting you to go further faster, experiencing success that impacts your business and all areas of your life and wellbeing.

Take control and strategically plan your next move, building toward a better outcome. Achieve more with greater ease.

When we strategically develop your business, deliberately implementing each phase systematically over time—and you do it within the context of your overall life plan—you build something that’s lasting. And satisfying. You develop the leadership, patience and insight that ultimately brings confidence, ease and speed. Instead of being reactive you and your people become resilient, focused and persistent. You stay the course with readiness to leap or pivot when circumstances present opportunity or profit. Because you all know what you’re aiming for. In short, you have the foundation to go further faster.

It’s a matter of recognizing your Choice Points and strategically connecting all critical aspects. The vision, values and goals, tools, skills and processes we develop together can be applied across your life as you encounter each new choice point. Clients using this approach are able to quickly recognize new Choice Points in their life so we can come together again at later phases to work through new Choice Points quickly and efficiently so you continue to go further, faster.

Move further and faster than ever before.

Make Decisions and Take Action Steps Confidently.

Go further, faster. In business and life.

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Business Start Up

Grow the business you want, be it bigger and faster or lifestyle, achieve higher profits, gain desired clients, identify and grow the talent you need, develop a great team, do better work together, become a stronger leader.

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Business Growth

Get in a position to achieve more, ready yourself for that better job, have greater challenge, responsibility, recognition, compensation, a bigger promotion, responsibilities you enjoy, work that matches your strengths and interests.

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Exit Planning

Have relationships that are more satisfying and fulfilling, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Get on the same page so you work better, play better, communicate better. Do more together. Achieve more together.

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Success Stories

Jan is what I want in a business coach; she’s knowledgeable, thoughtful, intuitive, creative, gentle, firm, honest and fun. When we confer, she listens so well and sparks me to consider fresh perspectives that allow me to make next steps that always feel rightly aligned with both my soul and my goals. If you seek a coach to take you from feeling stuck, conflicted or overburdened with “shoulds,” to the next level of success, hire Jan Hoistad!
C.M.B., Business Owner