From this questionnaire and other social media surveys, we hope to gain a deeper perspective on people’s experiences within their closest relationships during this time. Depending on the responses we receive, the questions uncovered may become part of another set of deeper Conversation Questions for Couples a companion to those online and in the 117 conversation starters found in TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE THINKING: 117 Questions to Help Any Couple Grow Closer.

At some point it is our intention to compile the responses across the platforms and send a brief synopsis of the responses. This is not hard data, and not an academic research study. Rather, it is shared observations,
impressions and stories.

In that spirit, please fill out this questionnaire with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing about your experiences these past few months while being physically distanced, together or apart. We all know that it’s impacted individuals, couples and families in many different ways. I’m interested in your experience and the Big Questions it’s raised for you and your relationship(s.)  Thank you for sharing.

You are welcome to return again over time, as your experience might change depending on how long the Coronavirus lasts and how societal shifts shake out.


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