Go From Overwhelmed to Focused, Refreshed & Thriving

A 3-Session Jumpstart Coaching Package


If you feel like your career and life are out of control with all the changes this past year… and you need expert guidance to help you assess your entire situation, clear the rubble and make a better path so you can enjoy your career, and home life…

Or, you simply want an expert, a sounding board for what you’re imagining you want to do next…

A coach to help envision the steps to get you from here to there. So, take a big deep breath. You’ve come to the right place.



The last year has been a whirlwind integrating new or different stuff in your personal and professional life. It may feel confusing on how to move forward. Making decisions right now is complicated. It can be overwhelming.

I’m here as your partner in finding that way forward. Maybe to give you a jumpstart, so you realign your life and get on a better path.

Let’s take a look together. We’ll figure out what’s most important to you.

Then get you started on an action plan that grounds your actions and points you towards those goals—now.



This coaching package is for you if you…

  • Have so many activities and responsibilities, are over-committed. We’ll assess which things are really dear to you
  • Are overworking or don’t know how to say no. We’ll sort out the nuggets and reframe what’s not useful to you thriving.
  • Are procrastinating and avoiding. You need support to take charge of what you envision achieving that makes you want to go for it.
  • Need help assessing which activities will move your career and relationships forward.

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In your virtual coaching sessions, we will…

  1. Clarify your current goals and aspirations
  2. Identify what you need and what’s getting in the way
  3. Then we’ll develop a focused short-term action plan to get you started on your way
  4. A few weeks later we’ll do a check-in on your progress
  5. Identify next steps you can take on your own, or continue with add-on sessions if needed

Each step along the way you’ll have Dr. Jan’s expert feedback and clarity to help you reframe your situation, focus and make progress to reset your life.

When you sign up…

  • You will get a handout to get you thinking/reflecting right away
  • You’ll come away from each session with your very own activities, “assignments”
  • We’ll focus our undivided attention on you and your needs
  • Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length
  • We will space sessions apart to give you time to take action; make changes
  • We’ll meet virtually on Zoom in a private session

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$397/3 sessions

Because you know you want personalized follow-up, and because you want to go further – faster – Add 2 extra Coaching Sessions for only $267 for a total package price of only $664

These are SPECIAL rates for a limited time. You can always request more, but if you wait, extra sessions are typically priced at Dr. Jan’s higher hourly rate.

Let’s Get You Started!

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How Do You Get Started?

  • Select your start date, then your preferred time.
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Scroll down & make your payment
  • Submit the completed registration
  • Watch for communication from Dr. Jan Hoistad who will reach out with your next steps and ‘reflection handout’

What are others saying about their personal coaching sessions with Dr. Jan?

There are few things more important than honesty and getting feedback and an objective perspective on my career was something I longed for.

As a typical successful, type-A, overworked, stretched-to-the-max director in a fast-paced agency, I had lost my ability to look at my career, my accomplishments and my setbacks in a way that would allow me to make good choices about what’s the next best step for me.

I began working with Jan in the Deep Dive coaching program, a combination of individual coaching and group mastermind sessions.

In the first phase, Jan guided me through my fears and obstacles. She helped me start to create a new big picture for my life.

Then we started working toward creating an exit strategy to leave my company. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m in the middle of this transition and I can feel my creativity starting to soar.

Now we’re beginning to envision and strategize my new start-up company. I plan to launch later this year!” 

Sharon J

“I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months. As a well-known and highly-respected expert in my field, I needed to GET OUT! My passion was being stifled! I did it with your encouragement, support, and expert coaching!

When I started THE DEEP DIVE Coaching & Mastermind I was unable to express my true gifts and talents. Feeling depleted and defeated, I was boxed in by a business I had helped grow over the past 16 years. The leadership could not support my CREATIVITY – and my PASSION about what I bring to the world.

The support offered to me from Jan & the Mastermind Group has been to focus on me and not my circumstances, accountability to keep moving through the unknown, and an emphasis on seeing abundance in what looked like scarcity.

Jan forced me to Dream Bigger/Keep the focus on the My Vision while taking practical day-to-day action steps as I recuperated from my old job, re-energized, and balanced myself. She has forced me to accept that I AM an Expert and a Thought Leader and to plan accordingly! It’s sometimes scary –but that’s where breathing and tap-dancing come in!

I’m now excited for the future and am being embraced by others who want to learn from me. I’m moving forward as the creative expert I am.”

Alison C, Visionary Leader, Person-Centered Services and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

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