Coaching Packages for Couples & Partners



Five 60-Minute Coaching Sessions

On the Way to Engagement, Move-In, Minimony or Matrimony?

Develop Confidence, Communication + Relationship Skills

You want to stay in love, stay connected and live a thriving life together! Developing clarity and confidence in your relationship know-how, this course will show you how to manage “daily details” and decisions so that you stay focused on your “big picture” dreams.

This online course is for you if you’ve found that special someone. You’re talking marriage or just became engaged. Everything is going well, yet you know life is complicated and you want to come prepared! Or maybe this is your second time around and you want to do it differently. You want to have the “basics,” the tools, and relationship skills to blend your individual lives and work as a team. This online course will show you how to work through differences, navigate challenges and make decisions together smoothly.

Receive our CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for your marriage license upon completing these 5 coaching sessions.


Five 75-Minute Coaching Sessions

Dual-Career Couples Balance Work, Family and Play:

Relationship Skills to Integrate Busy Careers + A Thriving Personal Life

As a dual-career couple, life is fast-paced and complex. At each choice point in your personal and couple life, change is demanded of you. It’s happening all the time. It feels exciting, rewarding, even fun, when you’re in it together. Having relationship tools and skills to come together will give you not only the confidence to face any decision or desire that arises, but the skills to make those dreams a reality.

If you are a dual career couple looking to improve your communication, deepen your connection, and strengthen your relationship—while also negotiating careers and family life at each stage of your life together—this course will give you time-tested tools and skills within an up-to-date perspective on how to achieve success. These are tools and skills specifically for a dual career relationship when you either have a family or you are considering if or how to do so. This online coaching course may be just what you need. In it, you will explore your individual needs, and together you’ll explore your mutual desires, so you move forward successfully–achieving your goals together.

  • Each online course will come with options for Q + A sessions and personal individual or couple’s virtual coaching directly with Dr. Jan via phone or zoom.
  • Couples who participate may request a letter and certificate to document their completion of a premarital course.
  • Anyone who wishes to gift a course for their young adults or partner may request special “packaging” of the gift (Recommended for the holidays, engagement, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions.)