Two (or More) Brains
Are Better Than One

Business partnership has a lasting impact on how and where a business will grow. It takes clarity and communication to make it work. All parties understanding their responsibilities, fulfilling the expectations of the mutually agreed upon objectives for growing the business. Establishing processes to maximize each other’s strengths, focusing on commonalities in values, and shared visions for business outcomes creates a foundation of trust from which to grow.

As the business grows and evolves, so should your partnership. It’s all too easy to focus on the work, the clients, and the nuts and bolts of the business. But business partnerships require attention—at each stage— to ensure the success and outcomes. Deciding if you should partner and how, are critical Choice Points. Then strategically coming together, implementing and regularly pausing to re-evaluate and re-vision together drives success.

Having a business coach for entrepreneurs, a business transformation consultant, who knows your business partner needs—someone who can help you stay out of the typical pitfalls—can help you breathe more easily. When we clarify values, share visions, plan strategically and implement consistently, you achieve your goals and successfully build your business together.

Responsibilities may change, work-styles may start to differ, and communication between you or with a growing company of employees may sometimes be a challenge. When we strategically approach each Choice Point you acquire the skills and put right processes in place to weather these changes. Choice Point strategies help you to grow in a mutual direction as partners.

When a partnership has sound processes and feels fulfilling, you could very well be in business together for years. Anticipating and developing strategies in light of offers of buy-out or merger become important. The same can be said for growth and transitions in staff and leadership. Integrating next generations and moving to next stages goes more smoothly with established exit strategies or succession plans.

Figuring out how to bring unique individuals together in a successful business partnership is the goal. Because when things are going well, there’s an almost indescribable energy. And when things are going well between you, it carries throughout your organization and all relationships. Together you create better. You communicate better. You work better. You play better. You just do it all better.

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Values identification
Strengths assessment
Vision unification
Partnership options
Partner selection
Strategic Planning
Long-Term Goals


Strategic planning
Responsibility allocation
Developmental strategies
Communication issues
Work-style differences
Conflict management
Generational uniqueness
Course Corrections


Future Financial Plans
Mergers & Acquisitions
Succession planning
Exit strategies
Leadership transitions
Personal Partnering Support
Family Discussions
Re-Visioning Life After Exit
Communication Assistance
Owner Transition Support
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