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Solutions To Meet Your Needs

We believe in offering a continuum of solutions—mindset, skills, and tools—to meet your learning needs every step along the way. From DIY to full-on engagement with coaching and consulting services.

We work with you individually or together, as a couple, as business partners, or with your team. Here’s a sampling of packages we offer, but everything can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Solutions for Business, Career and Life

  • Career Transition Assessment
  • Business Owner Needs Assessment
  • Business Growth Assessment
  • The Ten-Year Goals Setting Package
  • Life Stage Assessment: Individuals or Couples
  • Transitioning to Life After Business Needs Assessment
  • For Men: Transitioning to Retirement Solutions

Solutions for Couples

  • DIY for Couples: Managing Careers + Life
  • The 3 Month Clean-Up Daily Details Package
  • The “Big Picture” Goal Setting Package
  • Coaching For Dual Career Couples
  • Coaching For Couples in Business
  • Couples + Career Relocation Strategies
  • Couples + Life After Exit Strategies

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