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What is a Choice Point?

A choice point is a wake-up call to reimagine your future. Over the course of business, career, and personal life you come to points when you’re dissatisfied, want growth, or desire change. A transition will happen no matter what, but what you choose will have a profound effect on the course of your life.

We call these “choice points” because you have a choice in how you respond or capitalize on them. Awareness of how decisions in one area of your life affect all other areas is complex. At a choice point you can move forward fully aligned, with confidence, or you can be reactive and become sidelined, resulting in future consequences you may not want. You can settle for less or you can take control of how you respond to the choice point so you build toward a better outcome. This is a time for best business coaching, from a coach who knows both business and life coaching concerns. As an experienced professional, you’re looking for a business coach for entrepreneurs who understands the business transformation consulting you require, so you achieve the results you desire.

At ChoicePoint Solutions we’ll guide you so you confidently land on the best possible outcome that connects your immediate choices with the whole-life future you envision. With a ChoicePoint partner, you’ll grow and transition with greater confidence, so you achieve the ultimate freedom you’ve earned.

“When an experienced professional adds ChoicePoint Solutions, you can almost feel their body relax, they become excited again. More hopeful, they remember what they love about their work— as together we turn burdens into doable strategies that achieve their future goals.”

Dr. Jan Hoistad

Your Needs May Show Up in Any of These Ways.

We’ll Help You Assess Where to Begin. We’ll Align Your Relationships Behind Your Goals.

We get it. You’re busy and taking time out to focus on the future seems like a low priority. But here’s what we consistently see in our business coaching with entrepreneurs, business owners, and partners:

“I don’t have time for this right now…  so I’m not going to do anything.”

Do nothing now = Chances are you’ll have zero progress 12 months from now.

“I don’t have time for this right now…  but I’ll take the first step.”

If you begin now, within 3 months you’ll clear away the clutter, clarify your vision, and begin taking action toward your long-term goals.

During months 4-8 you’ll already be far ahead of schedule! You’ll typically achieve many of the goals you expected to achieve in the future.

Within 9 months you will have made significant progress toward goals you thought you’d address “someday” – maybe 3, 5, or even 10 years from now! You’ll be living your dreams and envisioning new ones!

“Jan has helped us through dozens of business coaching challenges as our company has grown from 7 to over 50 employees within three years. I’ve developed new leadership muscles that have enabled me to work more effectively.”

JL, Co-owner of a Couple Owned and Operated Business

“Jan’s coaching and consulting has helped tremendously, clarifying my role as a leader, planning in a strategic manner, and creating an exciting vision of possibilities on the horizon for our business.”

TM, Owner of a Company Providing Services for Seniors

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ChoicePoints give you a moment to breathe.
So you get on a path toward the freedom you’ve earned.

ChoicePoints give you a moment to breathe.
So you get on a path toward the freedom you’ve earned.