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Our measurement tools and in-depth feedback help you, as a leader, and your top performers explore behaviors, personal and relationship characteristics that will benefit your business needs. So they understand themselves better. So they perform at their best.


Individuals seeking a new or more challenging career path also look to our our assessment offerings. These tools help you to fully understand your individual characteristics, personality, behavior and skills.  Assessment tools help match your talents with business needs. You will learn how you work best, and how you work best with others so you seek the right assignments or are prepared for development discussions within your organization. Thorough feedback increases self-awareness and offers practical applications for a career path that compliments you. Ultimately, combining this feedback with focused career development coaching ensures both success and fulfillment as you explore options.


Our assessment offerings are high-value for business leaders. They help you to:

  • Screen and select incoming candidates
  • Develop your current workforce talents
  • Assist individuals and teams to work together better
  • Contribute to the high level growth needed in your top leadership

Reliable tools and in-depth feedback offer in-depth perspective on individual characteristics, personality, behavior and skills.  Your people learn how they best work, and how they can work together better. Then combining that self-awareness with practical applications directly to the business needs impacts both their career and leadership development and ultimately—the success of the business.


We are all about whole brain leadership and data that integrates skill, style with action. To maximize and accelerate the development of your leadership and workforce, research shows that understanding and integrating the following aspects is valuable for you and your organization.

  • Understanding personality style and style differences
  • Developing a high degree of emotional intelligence in interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding motives, values, preferences, change and conflict management styles
  • Maximizing business reasoning, strengths and capabilities

It’s a wholistic integration of right—left brain function along with relational—business outcomes. Our assessments are accompanied with private individual feedback with specific behavioral suggestions. Take the learning further with coaching.


We curate the best possible combination of assessments to meet both career and business development needs. Depending on the engagement, typical assessments may include these and others:

  • MBTI® Myers-Briggs Type Indicators
  • FIRO-Business and Leadership Inventories®
  • CPI® California Psychological Inventory
  • CPT 260º® Feedback and Coaching Report for Leaders
  • EQi 2.0 and EQi 360 Emotional Intelligence Inventories
  • Strong Interest Inventory®
  • TKI® Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Hogan Personality and Development Inventories

Interview-based 360º feedback to identify an individual’s strengths and development areas for growth are useful and often accompany written tests.


Assessment data is typically well received by most respondents. Long-lasting change based on the information, however, takes application to increase both self and other awareness, and to apply this to business performance. This developmental piece is of high value no matter the level of the professionals—from onboarding team members to the C-Suite. You want to develop high-performers. So 1) assessment data plus 2) feedback and 3) individualized applications accompanied with developmental coaching to accelerate business outcomes is key for long-lasting, well-integrated learning. When you are ready we’ll discuss best options to achieve your desired outcomes.


Once we uncover your needs and match them with best assessment tools, we’ll provide you with access to our testing portal.