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Uniting Passion with Purpose

Improve Your Career: Master Your Part in the Art of Relationships in the World of Work

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

Effective communication strengthens relationships. Like a good workout, “building the muscles” of a strong, mature adult self is a necessary foundation on which to grow relationships. It’s crucial to professionals. When everyone in the work environment relates to from a mature place, individuals and teams are more effective; cooperation and collaboration come more easily; energy is preserved for creativity, getting tasks accomplished while having more enjoyment and even, playfulness!

In this guide we’re going to explore the importance of establishing a solid foundation of individuality, of developing a solid, whole adult self, so that you can become more creative, and connected in your work life. Everything that you practice at work is fully applicable in your personal relationships. We’ll talk about how you can achieve and exercise the muscles of your adult self, and improve all your relationships by doing so.

The guide is in 3 parts. Part 1 includes an overview of the “Big Picture” and what it means to develop as a person and create a life that is happy and healthy. Part 2 helps you explore different aspects of relating so you easily access your mature, adult, professional self so matter what the circumstances. Part 3 are exercises to strengthen this awareness and practice in your daily life.

Developing new awareness, then changing behavior, takes a bit of time, concentration and practice. Therefore, it is recommended that you read this guide a number of times. Then, adding the exercises, distinguishing your past experiences, and revising present interactions will help you make the improvements that you desire.

Writing in a notebook when you are doing the exercises, is important. Writing clarifies your learning and will show your progress over time. If you have other people to practice with or a coach to help guide you or your workgroup this will also speed your progress and reinforce your effectiveness.

Most importantly, I hope you relish and enjoy this experience. I have seen it change many lives, often dramatically, always for the better.

Additional Resources to complement the Information in the “Master Your Part in the Art of Relationships – In the World of Work’ guide.

Unite Passion with Purpose Whitepaper

Facing Career Development or Transition in Your Future?

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

This whitepaper download offers key insight into how we can unite your passion and your purpose.

What kind of impact will be made, or how will you be inspired through the process? Who else would be inspired by this journey?

Dr. Jan explains the vision and mission behind career coaching:  What is the intended outcome – the people involved or affecting along the journey? And how will a coaching partnership enlighten and make clear that path on your journey?