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You’re not hallucinating

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Dr. Jan and her partners are fully committed to accelerating your ability to attain your future goals and meet your current needs with greater ease. We have a proven pathway…but everyone’s targets present unique challenges.

While we keep the spotlight on where you want to go, we know that you’re still hard at work in your business every day. So attaining your business, professional, and personal goals is customized to the pace and priorities that gels with your life at any given time in the process.

Your ChoicePoint partner helps you balance day to day with the future.
The diagram below shows you how:

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Meet Dr. Jan. All her choices have led to this point.

Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author

An expert in entrepreneurship, business acumen, human development, systems, creativity, and learning styles, Dr. Jan Hoistad has established her unique business guiding people to accelerate and integrate their professional and personal goals as they develop through choice points across their lives. She has helped numerous professionals, business owners, and teams achieve ambitious goals, joyful relationships, and a greater quality of life.

With beginnings in art, psychology, creativity, and learning styles, Dr. Jan is a Licensed Psychologist with an M.A. and  Ph.D. in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco. Her extensive postdoctoral work in communications, organizational advancement, and leadership development, along with training in negotiation from Harvard’s Project on Negotiation (PON), mediation through Minnesota Dispute Resolution Services (MDR) and Certification in Exit Planning (CEP) through the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) all enhance the expertise she brings to her client’s challenges.

She has taught in the psychology departments of San Francisco State and Sacramento State Universities and served on the faculty of St. Olaf College. Along with having developed the Big Picture Partnering ™ approach to business and personal relationships, she’s also the author of many books and articles for professional couples and people in career and business transition which can be found in her blog, resource page, and on her Amazon Author’s page.

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My passion has always been to help people reach their fullest potential while creating a richly rewarding and satisfying life. This includes both work and personal pursuits that are choiceful, generative, and fulfilling. Since most people spend much of their lives working, business and career should be one of our major creative arenas. While careers and entrepreneurship are challenging, when professionals embrace the creative challenge behind the work challenge, connect it to their personal goals and growth, it is infinitely enriching to their individual lives, the growth of their company, and everyone they touch.

– Dr. Jan Hoistad

It takes a village to help
achieve your dreams.

Dr. Jan works with you and your team, or she brings you a network of partners, specifically selected to help you with your particular choice points. You and Dr. Jan make the decisions and lead the team at every step, and the team shows you how to make your vision a reality.

Dr. Jan quickly identifies key issues and guides people to find actionable, innovative solutions that move business forward immediately.”

Jacquelyn Fletcher
Heartwood Healing