Across Different Life Stages You Have Different Needs.

Your Career Requires Different Solutions.

Dr. Jan’s Unique Lifespan Approach to Your Career

Across your lifespan you experience different personal and professional needs. From early interests all the way through retirement explorations. These shifts naturally arise about every 7 – 10 years. It’s best to respond to these changes with curiosity and a conscious desire to uncover how they may fit an evolving life plan.

Integrating all facets of you—including your history and experience, age and stage, family desires and career ambitions—is a unique skill that Dr. Jan brings to your circumstance. Her approach helps you focus on the present, but within the context of your current needs, and within the context of where you may wish to go and what you may wish to accomplish over many years.  So no matter where you are starting, we strategically develop your career plan, within the context of your whole life—career life coaching—based squarely on your values, purpose, current life needs and long-term direction.

When we create your path together, you more confidently assess and respond to life’s choices and opportunities with greater confidence. You’re empowered to make the right choices, rather than being reactive or impulsive.  It’s a matter of recognizing all aspects of the career transition. Then clarifying what you want to achieve. From there, decision-making is grounded. We strategically uncover the steps authentic to you, so you reach your desired goals.

Career Decisions Where Coaching Can Be Helpful

You May Be Facing Retirement

Whether it’s planning a sale and exit from your business, or anticipating retirement from a leadership position in your company, anticipating your runway, clarifying the outcome you desire and outlining the steps to achieve your best exit may feel like a daunting task. At the same time it’s important to envision the future so it doesn’t just pass you by.

  • You’ve given a lot of your life to others. You need support and clarity so you don’t give up on your dreams. How do you align them behind your goals?
  • There are projects or goals you want to accomplish or complete before you go. How do you prioritize these for yourself and others?
  • You want to go out on a high note. It requires leading in a new way.
  • If you are of traditional retirement age or you’ve announced your timeline, how do you manage feeling dismissed or pushed out before your time?
  • Envisioning the future and exploring options can sometimes be scary or overwhelming. You love when it feels exciting and long for more of this.
  • Then there are the needs of other people around you. What do they want for the future and how do you meet both individual and mutual needs?

These are some examples of where working with Dr. Jan comes in. She becomes your working partner as we parse out the needs, create the path and work step-by-step as you create your best future.

Because your situation and needs are unique, let’s talk. Together we’ll figure out where you are, where you might want to go and how I might help.

Career Development

The successful development of a career is dependent on more than just ambition, productivity, money or drive. It’s a bit like career life coaching—blending what you need in your career with what you want in your personal life, so you achieve maximum satisfaction. It’s a do-able and worthwhile undertaking with the right guidance, tools, and strategies focused on confidently shaping a long-term future.

Career Transitions

Are you experiencing some signals you might be ready for a change? Are you at a Choice Point?

When you and Dr. Jan work together, you’ll gain the clarity, confidence and skills to negotiate a better position within your company or to land a more satisfying, higher paying position where you feel a compatible fit. You’ll go further faster because you have the right mindset, tools and skills to act with clarity and confidence.

Career Relocation

The stakes for an individual, couple or family are also high if everyone is not on board and ready for such a transition. Career coaching that gives you clarity about the assignment, outlines desired outcomes for you and the company, and if you are married with kids, helps everyone arrive at agreement. This career coaching is crucial—not only for the company’s outcome, but for the long term direction of your career.

Dr. Jan has worked with individuals and couples who have moved all over the country and all over the world for their career or business growth. She’s worked with couples who travel for business each week or month. And she’s even worked with couples who have lived in different cities or locations for a period of time.

Each of these circumstances comes with its challenges. How you prepare yourself individually and as a couple, and how you work with your company, all create a foundation for your success.

Assessments of Readiness as well as Customized Coaching—every step along the way—as needed for you, your mate, your family.

Dual Career Couples

Blending career and personal life, integrating work and family, are high priorities for you in this demanding and complex world. A key to your success is having the clarity and confidence, tools and skills to successfully work and play together. Over the years, Dr. Jan has helped numerous couples blend and navigate successful careers, growing families and outside interests.Her partnering mindset, tools and skills can help you face individual and mutual needs so you come out with WIN/WIN solutions each step along the way.