About Dr. Jan Hoistad

The mindset, skills and tools of the Big Picture Partnering approach to long-lasting relationship, developed by Dr. Jan Hoistad, is all about coming together around values and vision, making decisions together and staying connected—partnering towards the same end goals and life vision together. Growing your love and having more fun in the process! Dr. Jan’s insights and tools for establishing and maintaining a long-lasting relationship are especially helpful for today’s fast-paced and busy life experienced by professional couples with two careers, entrepreneurial couples with one or two businesses or the couple with   one overseeing the household organization while the other works in the business. Passionate about helping people develop the skills necessary to achieve success and fulfillment in their entire lives, Dr. Jan Hoistad has advised countless couples who are also CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, business partners, emerging leaders and other professionals through stages of business growth and career development— making sure it is fully aligned with their life development and vision of a happy, fulfilling future. Bringing expertise in human development, family and couple dynamics, entrepreneurship, business growth, partnering, communication and creativity, her clients become catalysts for change in their businesses, careers and personal lives.
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