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Benefits of Choice Points

Choice Points at Work and in Your Life

As a business owner or career professional you’ve worked hard to grow your business and career, your life and lifestyle. At this stage, you’re anticipating a change on the horizon. This transition may be 1, or 3, even 10 years out. You get glimpses of what you may want beyond your business or in that next stage of your career.

You know you need to take action, but you’re not sure where to start. And you’ve earned a new kind of freedom.

It’s getting from here to there that’s the challenge. Facing choices at this point in your life demands a new kind of planning because it’s complex.

At ChoicePoints, we know how to do that. We adjust your mindset, supply the right tools, and build the skills you need to get there. With 40 years’ experience, Dr. Jan and her partners listen, assess, and guide you to the other side of your transition.

Ready for the freedom
you’ve earned?
Let’s Talk

Ready for the freedom
you’ve earned?

Let’s Talk

“Your ability to get at the heart of an issue and assist in clearing away obstacles in the way of forward movement is remarkable. You’ve helped us stay focused on what’s most important as partners, as we go through many changes individually and together.”

McCarty Quinn

“ChoicePoint keeps busy professionals on track with their future goals. Jan’s talents helped build our partnership, team of employees, and strategies for growth. She and her resource partners keep us focused on the big picture to balance both work and personal environments.”

Denali Custom Homes

“Jan has been an invaluable resource to grow, define, and sharpen our family business. With her simple, creative strategies, we’ve been able to move our business forward without sacrificing our quality of life and partnering goals.”

Loon Organics

How do you know you need ChoicePoints?


“We can’t focus on the future because of the daily drama.” 

Staying on top of the business requires constant attention, and you’re the key to everything. There just isn’t enough time to look past today or next week and there’s less and less to look forward to. You’re stuck in a grind and can’t see your way out.


“Some of our employees don’t fit.”

Employees are less dedicated to companies these days, and there’s never enough time for advanced training. You have a hard time choosing people, keeping them, and an even harder time letting them go. The employees you have aren’t necessarily the ones you need for the future.


“We feel cut off from each other.”

Because of the relentless pace, relationships at work are getting threadbare. Communication is harder than it used to be; you and your employees are suffering as a result. At home, relationships are not getting the attention they need and it worries you.

Build a Path
To Your Future

Build a Path
To Your Future