Align Your People and Partners

So You Make The Right Choices Now

To Survive and Thrive Going Forward

Integrate Your Business, Career and Life:

Relationships—Aligned and On Purpose—

Are Your Most Important Asset.

  • You need all your professional and personal relationships to be strong, connected, and decisive.

  • You must be ready to pivot and make decisions quickly. Aligning everyone to work together more robustly is key.

  • At home and at work, providing the guidance, skills, and resources to come together and rapidly advance is a priority.

It is a challenging time. It can be lonely at the top. Upon reflection, if your relationships are NOT as strong, connected, and decisive as you need them to be, we can help.   If your team is NOT working together robustly, ready to pivot, and make decisions quickly, we can help. Reach out for a complimentary strategy session.

Let us provide you with the support to lead in these unprecedented times.  We’ll help you assess the skills and resources to best meet the needs of your people.

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Business Partner Coaching

Business Owners, Business Partners 

Manage crises. Pivot quickly. Grow efficiently.

Now more than ever—aligning your business and partnerships is crucial for the future. Strong working relationships are key so you can face the many choice points ahead. Come Together as Business Partners. Make Decisions More Easily. Fully Engage Your Team. With the clarity a Big Picture partnering approach offers, you’ll Lead With Aligned Purpose so expectations are apparent, efficiency increased. Empowering your people, invite Being In It Together. You’ll retain satisfied employees and loyal customers so you thrive in an uncertain market.

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Professional Couples Coaching

Committed Couples, Life Partners

At Work. In Business. At Home.

The challenges of navigating two careers, or a business, and home life has increased exponentially. Having the skills to work and face tough decisions together—no matter what choices come your way—empowers you to thrive going forward. Develop a strong foundation now so together you lead your family and everyone around you. When you are energized by your partnership, your work and family relationships become more satisfying, supportive, fulfilling. With the clarity a Big Picture partnering approach offers, you’ll just know how to do more and achieve more—because you’re in it together.

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It’s Where the Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Relationships are the underpinning, the foundation of the professional and the personal sides of everything you work for. It’s critical that you keep them strong and inclusive. It’s energizing, more fun and innovative when relationships are functioning smoothly as a co-creative entity.

They can also be challenging and complex. Problematic issues within your relationships can cause you to feel resentful, anxious or depressed. This can happen in business partnerships that end up in trouble. Sometimes it is difficulties in communication with a boss or co-workers. At home, relationship disconnect can leave you feeling disillusioned, alienated or negative.  Not knowing how to get out of a stuck place or make a relationship better can zap your energy and creativity. It’s slows progress toward achieving your goals. Relationships impact your whole life, so it’s important to strengthen them so you confidently move forward.

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When we strategically strengthen your partnering and collaborative skills you confidently work together better. We’ve seen it with executives and owners, business partners and work teams, mates and families. When you’re aligned and doing well, you focus on your goals and desired outcomes—on fulfilling dreams together. Instead of being reactive or stuck on differences, you rely on your mutual values and vision, co-creating goals and action steps everyone is accountable for. It’s a matter of recognizing your Choice Points and strategically working with them together.

If you’ve got a good thing going, developing ways to focus on strengths and bridge differences is key. The truth is, people often just don’t know how to come togethereven when they want to. When we develop the mindset, tools and skills of successful relationships, pair this with your goals and unique strengths, we create a strategic plan that lets you come together and achieve so much more. You simply go so much further, so much faster than you could do it on your own.

Your Needs May Show Up in Any of These Ways.

We’ll Help You Assess Where to Begin. We’ll Align Your Relationships Behind Your Goals.