Two (or More) Brains
Are Better Than One

The quality of a business partnership has a lasting impact on how and where a business will grow. It takes clarity and communication to make it work. All parties understanding their responsibilities, fulfilling the expectations of the mutually agreed upon objectives for growing the business. Establishing processes to maximize each other’s strengths, focusing on commonalities in values, and shared visions for business outcomes creates a foundation of trust from which to grow.

As the business grows and evolves, so should your partnership. It’s all too easy to focus on the work, the clients, and the nuts and bolts of the business. But business partnerships require attention—at each stage— to ensure the success and outcomes. Deciding if you should partner and how, are critical Choice Points. Then strategically coming together, implementing and regularly pausing to re-evaluate and re-vision together drives success.

Working with a business coach for entrepreneurs, a business transformation consultant, who knows your business partner needs, as well as your company’s growth needs—someone who can help you stay out of the typical pitfalls—you’ll breathe more easily. You’ll make decisions together more quickly, and pivot when needed. When we work together to clarify values, share visions, plan strategically and implement consistently, you achieve your goals and successfully build your business together.

When we came to Jan, our company was financially strong. We’d been in business for over 20 years, had a strong customer base and good employees. But….we were new business partners and had just purchased the business together the prior year. Our different management styles negatively affected our employees, sowing distrust among the ranks. We had a very difficult time working together running the business. In front of the customers we were great. In front of our employees was another thing altogether.

We reached out to Jan in an attempt to fix what was broken. She’s worked diligently with us to learn to trust each other, embrace each other’s style of management and to realize that we both had the best interest of the company at heart.

One of us is a process driven engineer and the other a big picture sales person at heart – a hard combination if not managed correctly.

Jan showed us how the business needs both our ways of thinking and will thrive if we allow our each other’s strength to shine.

We have been working with Jan for a year and a half. If we did not find her, I am convinced that we would either be out of business or one of us would have left. With her guidance, we are continuing to grow our business and are actually having fun working as business partners. As our business relationship mends, she continues to be a big part of our team. She assists us with long range planning, employee HR issues and marketing plans. We came to her to help us work better together. What we found was so much more.

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Peter McGurran of SNSystems
Business Owner, Partner
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Succession planning
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Personal Partnering Support
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Re-Visioning Life After Exit
Communication Assistance
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