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Over the course of a career, even as an experienced professional, you come to stages where you are dissatisfied, want growth or desire change. These are Choice Points. Decisions made at these times have a profound effect on the course of your career life, as well as your personal life.

Sometimes it’s tough to know what to do, or it seems like you don’t have any options. You want more but you’re not sure how to get there. We offer career development and career transition coaching to help you navigate these choice point times. When we explore your options and strengths, values, needs and purpose, together we create a strategic plan, with realistic action steps, that account for both your immediate and your long-term goals.

When we strategically develop your career plan over time, instead of being reactive you go further faster. This plan integrates your personal and your professional goals, with action steps to get you there. You’re empowered to make the right choices, rather than being reactive or impulsive.  It’s a matter of recognizing all aspects of the career transition, making decisions that are sound and strategically working with them until you achieve your desired goals.

You’ll have the skill to negotiate a better position within your company or to land a more satisfying, higher paying position where you feel a compatible fit. You’ll go further faster because you have the right mindset, tools and skills to act with clarity and confidence.

With this foundation you’ll be able to more quickly recognize new each choice point as they arise, and we’ll be able to work them easily. The mindset, tools, skills and strategies we develop, integrate your personal goals at each career stage. Looking long-term, you see you can have more of what you want bridging from where you are now and strategically moving you toward a whole future.

Maybe These Are Some Things You’re Questioning

  • At this stage of your career are you ready for the next level of leadership, challenge, or responsibility but aren’t sure of the steps to achieve this?

  • Is relocation part of your company development plan and you‘d like to know if it’s right for you?

  • Have you been passed over one too many times and you’re having difficulty communicating or seeing eye-to-eye with your boss?

  • Have you considered taking your chances and just quitting or starting your own business, but assessing the risks and rewards is complicated?

  • You want more family time but it conflicts with getting ahead?

Know Where You Want to Go or Grow.

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