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So You Make The Right Choices Now

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Integrate Your Business, Career, and Life.

Relationships—Aligned and On Purpose. These Are Your Most Important Assets.

Business Partner Coaching

Business Owners

Aligning all your people with desired outcomes is crucial for business growth. With renewed clarity, you increase confidence in you as a leader.

Professional Couples Coaching

Business Partners

A partnership impacts how a business will grow. Skills in decision-making and managing differences will build confidence in your alliance.

Professional Couples Coaching

Career Professionals

A successful career matches experience & strengths with opportunity. Build the skills you need to shape a successful, long-term future.

Professional Couples Coaching

Career Couples

Navigating work with home life and personal needs is challenging. Develop skills to stay connected and make decisions together to energize your partnership.

It is a challenging time. It can be lonely at the top. If your relationships are NOT as strong, connected, and decisive as you need them to be, we can help. If you know where you want to go or grow, but aren’t sure the best way to get there, we can help.

If your partnership or team is NOT working together robustly, ready to pivot and make decisions quickly, we can help. If the clarity of communication is holding you back, we’ve got the skills to share so you bring everyone along, aligning you and them to achieve your dream.

Let us provide you with the support to lead in these unprecedented times. 

We’ll help you assess the skills and resources to best meet your needs and those of your people.
Reach out for a complimentary strategy session.

It’s Where the Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Featured Business Case Study

A longtime business owner was encouraged to get some outside help to decide how he was going to prepare his business, and himself for an exit. He welcomed the process to clarify what he needed now and wanted for his future, define his options and support him to carry out the necessary actions to achieve a highly successful sale of his company.


Featured Career Case Study

Career and leadership coaching supports a multi-talented mid-career woman to embrace her expertise and integrate her work-life goals. Doing so she developed the clarity, confidence, and skills to a high-level position meeting the needs of herself and her company. She’s now leading a rapidly expanding business within the multinational corporation.


Relationships impact your whole life. It’s important to guide your people so you confidently move forward. Strengthen…

  • Awareness of changes needed.
  • Communication skills necessary now.
  • Ways to lead in the emotional landscape.
  • Actions to achieve outcomes together.

Meeting the needs of our times. Combining the interpersonal mastery you need, with business experience and expertise.

  • 40 years in business, serving well over 2500 clients across the country and around the globe. Growing leaders at all levels.
  • Our clients represent local, national, and international organizations and corporations in a broad range of industries and verticals.
Featured Dual Career and Owner Case Study

Blending successful business ownership, team leadership, and raising a young family is complicated. Working over a series of years, this husband and wife organic farming partnership, worked together applying the coaching communication skills and entrepreneurial tools as they honed their business and integrated it with their growing family needs.


Featured Business Partner Case Study

Female business owner/partners of a marketing consultancy, providing services to Fortune 500 companies, wanted to develop, maintain, and excel in fresh approaches to both internal organizational processes and customer services and products. Together we devised a creative approach to achieving their goals through a series of work/play retreats.


Meet Dr. Jan Hoistad

At each stage, stepping into her unique interests and pursuing her goals has enriched Dr. Jan’s life. She wants you to have this too.
Read more…

Your Needs May Show Up in Any of These Ways.

We’ll Help You Assess Where to Begin. We’ll Align Your Relationships Behind Your Goals.

Relationships are the underpinning, the foundation of the professional and the personal sides of everything you work for. It’s critical that you have the skills to keep them strong, inclusive, and focused on common values and goals. It’s energizing, more fun, and innovative when relationships are functioning smoothly as a co-creative entity.

They can also be challenging and complex. Problematic issues within your relationships can cause you to feel resentful, anxious, or depressed. This can happen in business partnerships that end up in trouble. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate with a boss or co-workers. At home, relationship disconnect can leave you feeling disillusioned, alienated, or negative.  Not knowing how to get out of a stuck place or make a relationship better can zap your energy and creativity. It slows progress toward achieving your goals.

Relationships impact your whole life, so it’s important to strengthen them so you confidently move forward.

When we strategically strengthen your partnering and collaborative skills you confidently work together better. We’ve seen it with executives and owners, business partners and work teams, mates, and families. When you’re aligned and doing well, you focus on your goals and desired outcomes—on fulfilling dreams together. Instead of being reactive or stuck on differences, you rely on your mutual values and vision, co-creating goals and action steps everyone is accountable for. It’s a matter of recognizing your Choice Points and strategically working with them together.

If you’ve got a good thing going, developing ways to focus on strengths and bridge differences is key. The truth is people often just don’t know how to come togethereven when they want to. When we develop the mindset, tools, and skills of successful relationships, pair this with your goals and unique strengths, we create a strategic plan that lets you come together and achieve so much more. You simply go so much further, so much faster than you could do it on your own.

“Jan has been an invaluable resource to grow, define, and sharpen our farm business… She has helped us vastly improve our hiring, employee management, and risk management processes, often with simple, creative strategies that make a big positive impact. She’s also helped us step back and look at the Big Picture, further defining our farm’s mission, values, and visioning for the future, and then grounding that vision in the present… With Jan’s help, we’ve been able to move our farm forward without sacrificing our quality of life and partnering goals.”

– Laura Frerichs / Adam Cullip
partners, Loon Organics Farm

Loon Organics logo

… “We have been working with Jan for a year and a half.  If we did not find her, I am convinced that we would either be out of business or one of us would have left.  With her guidance, we are continuing to grow our business and are actually having fun working as business partners.  As our business relationship mends, she continues to be a big part of our team.  She assists us with long-range planning, employee HR issues, and marketing plans.  We came to her to help us work better together.  What we found was so much more.”

Peter McGurran
Owner, Business Partner 2NSystems

2NSystems logo

“Insightful, dedicated, brilliant, experienced entrepreneur: Dr. Jan Hoistad is an extraordinarily gifted leader who knows how to build businesses and develop the people who run them. I was a business client of Dr. Hoistad’s for five years. Her work made it possible for me to start, manage, and build my design business. She led me, pushed me, informed me, supported me as I negotiated each new phase of my enterprise. I could not have done what I did without her. I recommend her most highly.”

Judy Hornbacher
Owner, JH Designs

JH Designs logo

To read the full testimonials from these individuals about their work with Dr. Jan or to find additional testimonials from other individuals, business owners, and partners about their experience, visit our Testimonials Page.

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  • It's time to consider coaching

Coaching Helps to Evaluate the Next Stage of Your Career

August 26th, 2023|

  These past few years have catapulted some personal and professional lives forward. Yours may have been one of them. Especially if you were in the right industry at the right time. Or if you were lean, mean, and agile. Maybe you took the time to explore or add on a new skill that's paying [...]

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