Coaching with Dr. Jan

Different Ways to Learn

Do-It-Yourself, At Your Own Pace

Look around the website and you’ll find Do-It-Yourself Big Picture Partnering guides, books, ebooks, and many free downloadable handouts. The blog is also chock-full of tips and tools. Dr. Jan’s video series includes bite-sized guidance for practical application of the Big Picture approach.

Private, Customized Coaching With Dr. Jan

In the past in-person workshops and in-person couples coaching sessions were a favored way to learn the essential, then practice the skills, and share in a one-on-one or group coaching setting. Along with most businesses, we’ve now pivoted to individual and couple’s virtual coaching sessions, webinars and online courses.

Private Coaching: Individual or Couple

Everyone starts with a Complimentary Discovery Call to determine your needs and to create a coaching program just for you. Zoom sessions are scheduled based on achieving your desired goals. You will take away doable, practical skills to put into practice immediately following each session.

Online Relationship Courses: Stand-alone / Q+A / Private Coaching

We are most excited to begin offering online relationship courses beginning in 2021. Please sign up here so you are informed about what you will learn and start dates. Each course will include 3 formats:

Course Only: This option is the online course, structured to do at your own pace. Each course comes with ongoing access to a coaching portal that will include all session materials, videos and handouts for you to refer to at any time.

Course plus Q + A: Depending on the course, this option will include 2 – 4 group Q + A sessions with Dr. Jan at specified times throughout your course. These are times to ask your specific questions and get Dr. Jan’s personalized guidance on how to apply the Big Picture tools and skills to your needs. These Q + A sessions will be recorded and saved to your course portal so you have access to not only your questions, but you can learn from other couple’s inquiries. Q + A may include first time students just beginning a course, as well as more advanced students who are cycling back in for a refresh or.

Course plus 1 – 1 Coaching Package: As a HUGE BONUS for a LIMITED number of FAST-TRACK APPLICANTS, this option is the most personalized and includes all course materials with portal access plus 3 – 4 individual or couple virtual coaching sessions just for you with Dr. Jan. Specifics about how these sessions will be scheduled and structured will be released with course information, so be sure to go here and sign up to receive information as courses are scheduled.