Educational, Career, and Life Development: Mentoring for Young Adults

When time allows, Dr. Jan always enjoys working with young adults. Depending on the needs, she offers fee for service consulting packages which can be found here.

However, from time-to-time she offers Complimentary 30-60-90 Minute Individual Strategy Sessions, educational and career development mentoring for young adults between the ages of 17-27 years. You may request one of these by emailing Dr. Jan directly

So be sure to sign up for her newsletter to stay informed about other opportunities.

The best way to get a quick response is to reach out for a free phone consultation, share your questions and possibly get some solutions right on the spot! You can also inquire about resources and opportunities that will helpful in your development.

We’d love to be of assistance as you create your life!

(Yes, parents are allowed to reach out with questions, too!)