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If you are early on in a career, at a crossroad questioning a career shift, or if you feel like a late bloomer, this Choice Point is common. At this juncture, many are overwhelmed or ill-equipped with just how to explore all their options to achieve the satisfaction they seek. Especially when they want more in both their personal and professional lives. Our career coaching services are here to assist you through this time of career transition.

The successful development of a career is dependent on more than just ambition, productivity, money or drive. It’s a bit like career life coaching—blending what you need in your career with what you want in your personal life, so you achieve maximum satisfaction. It’s a do-able and worthwhile undertaking with the right guidance, tools, and strategies focused on confidently shaping a long-term future.

  • Are you receiving so much praise it feels like you should stay, but your gut says something’s missing?

  • You know exactly what you want, but just don’t know if it’s realistic or how to get there.   How will you know if this next job or career path supports your values and other life needs?

  • Are you confident in the work but not the people you work with? How do you decide if this is just a bad fit or if there are ways to overcome lack of connection that leads to disengagement?

  • Your company has groomed you, you’re on a fast-growth track, yet you see lots of options. Some are beyond the company. Some look bigger and more satisfying. The question is “Should I stay or go?” And how do you make the decision?

  • Maybe you need a career toolkit to interview, network, make an “ask” and negotiate, so you don’t just settle for the way it is. “How will I know I’m making the right choice? I’m not even sure where to begin.”

  • You’ve been successfully doing one line of work for a number of years, but notice you get bored at a certain point. How do you assess if it’s the job itself, or if the boredom is a key to your strength and you need a new role? Once you make that discovery, how do you strategize and take the next steps?

Confidently strategize your future.

Choice Points along your career path affect the direction and growth of your life all along the way. Don’t let your career grow stagnant or become sidelined for too long when your goals aren’t clear, feel stagnant or unmet.
       It’s a matter of taking the time to recognize the cues, then strategically identifying the options, aligning them with your values and purposefully seeking the career and work environment where your needs are more fulfilled. You’ll be quicker to recognize Choice Points when they come up, so we can come together again, enabling you to go further, faster.
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