Career Transitions

Are You At A Choice Point?

These are some signals you might be:

  • You’re feeling undervalued, under-appreciated and even bored. You see your friends and colleagues succeeding and want to find more challenge and reward. Discouraged, you’re not sure it’s possible.

  • You’re confronted with a new supervisor and your boss doesn’t have your back. You’re worried the value you’ve brought to the company will no longer be recognized and hold you back from your career goals.

  • You’ve come out of a few difficult leadership challenges at other companies, moved into a business/department within this company and everything is going smoothly. It comes naturally, but doesn’t feel stimulating for the future. Are there other life goals to integrate/pursue now or should you seek new professional stimulation?

  • Decisions between employment at a large corporation or moving to a smaller mid-sized firm to showcase your skills is a question. How do you assess these disparate avenues against your capabilities and unique critical aspects, then strategize ways to be successful based on that self-awareness?

  • You’re ready to transition into top level leadership—owning a P&L, a business, becoming a university president-etc. – but it’s lonely at the top. How do you get there and who do you talk to about your development without seeming “less” or weak?

  • You need guidance to assess and walk the steps into a leadership position.

  • You need help negotiating employment issues, from discrimination to harassment to salary increase. Even maternity/paternity leave and balance of work with parenting or aging parent responsibilities, and not lose your company or team esteem as a competent leader.

At this stage of your career you know who you are, what you do best, what feels fulfilling, and you either feel on track with your goals or not. 

In the fast paced company environment, external factors impact professional growth and career paths routinely, regularly, often impersonally. Having the stamina, flexibility and perspective to assess each Choice Point in the context of your career and life goals can feel daunting. What steps should you take to be prepared for unexpected external shifts? Since they are so intertwined, how do you assess your inner signals so you don’t derail a career or your personal life? This is where a career coach with understanding of your work world and personal life desires comes in.

Through our career coaching services, when we strategically develop your career plan over time, within the context of your whole life—career life coaching—based squarely on your values, purpose, current life needs and long-term direction, you more confidently assess and respond to these Choice Points with greater confidence. With this foundation, you’ll be able to more quickly recognize new Choice Points as they come up in life, and we’ll be able to work them easily, seamlessly moving you further, faster.

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