You Have Different Needs.

Dr. Jan Has Unique Ways to Learn

Dr. Jan’s Unique Approach to Relationship

Years ago Dr. Jan became aware just how much couples desired a true partnership. Big Picture Partnering™ grew out of her work and observational research into just what it takes to create and maintain a partnership. BPP is a unique approach to relationship coaching that she has shared with hundreds of couples. It grows out of every committed couple’s desire to live a wonderful, thriving life together, to achieve their individual and mutual life goals together.

Like many couples, when feeling in love and doing well together, you experience just what you had imagined a relationship should be. When the going gets tough, you may not know how to repair or reconnect. When this happens, people typically lose sight of their goals and cease to accomplish things well together.

The Big Picture Partnering approach to relationship is a time-tested approach that has equipped hundreds of couples with core relationship tools and communication skills to develop, maintain and preserve (even resuscitate) their relationships. These are essential elements you can use for a lifetime—through every age and stage of your relationship.

Life Transitions Where Coaching Can Be Helpful

Dual Career Couples Integrating Life

If you are a dual career couple looking to improve your communication, deepen your connection, and strengthen your relationship—while also negotiating careers over the course of life—you need time tested tools and skills with an up-to-date perspective. Because life is complicated! So it’s important to have the tools and skills, clarity and confidence to achieve all your goals together. Dr. Jan’s coaching approach may be just what you need. She brings you down-to-earth skills you can use for a lifetime!

Are you on the Way to Engagement, Move-In, Minimony, or Matrimony?

When you are ready to take that next big step—bringing your lives together—you want to feel excitement and confidence in your relationship. If it’s new for you, or this is your 2nd time around, you may feel a bit of anxiety. You may wonder if you know how to be successful. A bit of this feeling is normal….however, Dr. Jan wants to share with you the clarity, tools and skills so you confidently take this next step.

Strategies to Ensure Relocation Success

Dr. Jan has worked with individuals and couples who have moved all over the country and all over the world for their career or business growth. She’s worked with couples who travel for business each week or month. And she’s even worked with couples who have lived in different cities or locations for a period of time.

Each of these circumstances comes with its challenges. How you prepare yourself individually and as a couple, and how you work with your company, all create a foundation for your success.

Assessments of Readiness as well as Customized Coaching—every step along the way—as needed for you, your mate, your family.

Prepare for Life After Transition, Sale, Exit or Empty-Nest

In preparing for life after sale or exit, most business owners or leaders assume they have everyone’s best interest in mind—including their mate’s, offspring, employees, friends, and any others. It’s a big life transition for you and everyone around you. It’s not just a financial event. While good intentions may be assumed, taking the time to talk, listen, set goals, and plan for the future will help everyone around you feel included in this life changing transition.

There’s preparation and planning that needs to go on at work, in the business. There’s preparation and planning with your family.

Dr. Jan has worked with many owners and professionals making these big life changes.