From miserable in an outdated job; stuck, confused and feeling totally alone, to re-igniting her life and work passion, claiming her role as a Thought Leader in the field of aging robustly and—coaching client lands an innovative role in a forward thinking law firm. This became a stepping stone to her dream of creating a community in which women could live fully engaged and connected as they age.

Roxanne was a longtime veteran, business-savvy social worker and manager when she approached me for some coaching a number of years back. Burnt out on direct service, she needed to tap back into her vitality and dreams.

Before coaching with Dr. Jan in THE DEEP DIVE Coaching & Mastermind Program, I was truly miserable. I had a paycheck but was stuck in an outdated human service role that was a daily drain on my energy. I was under-utilizing my years of experience and expertise. I was in a fog and could not see my way out. I just knew I needed help.

Early in our coaching relationship, Roxanne was encouraged to share her lifelong passion. This was a deep and lasting desire to create a community living situation that helped women to remain engaged, connected and vibrant as they grew older.

We both new she needed to tap back into that spirit and those resources for herself to believe she could do it.

In our first half-day VIP session, with her gentle but laser-focused coaching, Jan quickly zeroed in on my consistent life passion. She’s helped me embrace my expertise as a Thought Leader in the world of aging robustly.

Through individual coaching sessions and our group mastermind, Roxanne was coached through a life stage and career change that quickly led to sourcing her massive personal and professional network, talking about her dream and researching the latest living situations for aging robustly.

Jan’s helped me get clear inside and develop a written plan of action outside. She makes me be courageous inside and not cut corners on my outer path as I work to achieve my dream. She holds me accountable and has unwavering faith in me and my direction. She holds my long-term future vision while also creating a clear path of current work and influence to get there.

Out of this exploration, Roxanne landed a unique position—which became a stepping stone—in a visionary law firm.

Sometimes a Next Job is a Stepping Stone to Your Dream

In this stepping stone to her dream, Roxanne was hired to develop innovative life planning for seniors. It was a role which continued to expand her network and deepen her dream. She was extremely happy with the position which utilized all her visionary leadership, managerial and human service expertise.

She helped me clear the doubts and inner clutter to then land a position I’m passionate about. I’m excited about the future and love getting up every day once again—Anything feels possible when you are supported and guided so fully!

Beyond Coaching

I take great joy in partnering on my client’s professional journey. It’s a pleasure to see them fulfill their dreams. A few years back I attended the inaugural open house of the beautiful, peaceful community living home founded, designed and now run by Roxanne. Check out Vibrante—her dream-come-true living community here.


Roxanne J. Cornell, MSW, LICSW

Founder of Vibrante, a forward thinking living community

Dr. Jan Hoistad