A Technology Communications Consulting Firm

The Challenge:

A short-term project during a transition phase of this company, with the assignment of helping the three owners align with one another and align in developing new goals and objectives for growth.

The Approach:

This was a difficult assignment on many levels.  One being the personalities of the principals and the nature of their long term relationship, another being the unknown in their immediate goal setting, and finally, a shift in the organizational hierarchy midway through the work phase.  This involved the hiring of a new president.

Given the above difficulties to a thorough and satisfactory work process, Dr. Hoistad set out to interview each member of the organizational owner and management team to assess obstacles Assessment information was reported to the owners, however, due to rapid alterations in their plans for hiring a president, this information was not acted upon in the proposed process. Rather, a shift was made to coach the management team in creative methods for introducing the new president at an Annual Retreat, with the intention of sharing pride in the history of the company and altering the disgruntled morale of the employees.  This was done by coaching the three leaders in voicing a clear vision of the company’s future goals and objectives once the new President was on-board, and then involving the entire staff of 60 employees in creative workshop activities designed to involve them in fleshing out this future vision and interacting with the new president – passing the baton onto this new leadership.

The Outcomes:

  • The retreat was a huge success, establishing a sense of pride in the history of this multi-million dollar company, and excitement about the potential for future growth.

  • The retreat successfully showcased the new president and got the president and all employees interacting on large company issues right there.

  • The new president utilized the assessment feedback in planning.

Dr. Jan Hoistad