A Marketing Consultancy Specializing in Providing Services to Fortune 500 Companies: Upgrade Processes and Service Delivery

The Challenge:

To continuously develop, maintain, and excel in fresh approaches to both internal organizational processes and customer services and products.

Our Approach:

 Along with the Co-Owner/Partners, I developed a series of Annual Visioning Retreats, quarterly planning sessions and workshops to meet the stated challenge and the particular obstacles during each phase, over a three year period.  Retreats and workshops were designed to keep the partners aligned with one another, and the entire staff aligned with company goals and objectives.  Creative methodology was utilized throughout.

The Outcomes:

  • Partners and staff had a process in place to continuously evaluate and re-evaluate the outcomes of their client work against their goals and objectives.

  • Communication remained fluid, and conflict resolution was readily available for the partners and staff.

  • Internal processes were developed with creative and efficient methods, using this approach to team interaction on a regular basis.

  • Partners and staff had an on-going process to stay fresh in their approaches to client work, to continuously re-evaluate new business opportunities and status of projects against their goal of providing expert marketing consultation to Fortune 500 Companies.

Dr. Jan Hoistad