Are you on the way to an engagement, getting ready to move-in together, or planning a Minimony or Matrimony?

Develop Clarity, Confidence + Relationship Skills to Last You a Lifetime

When you are ready to take that next big step—bringing your lives together—you want to feel excitement and confidence in your relationship. If it’s new for you, or this is your 2nd time around, you may feel a bit of anxiety. You may wonder if you know how to be successful. A bit of this feeling is normal….

I’ve worked with many couples facing these lifetime commitments.

I’ve also been honored to officiate the marriage ceremonies of close couples who’ve also applied the Big Picture partnering approach.

Sometimes parents of young adults “gift” a series of coaching sessions to their soon-to-be-wed offspring, because they want them to feel prepared.

Sometimes couples “gift themselves with this preparation.

Couples blending families and histories with previous marriages resolve issues, feeling of failure and learn how to bring their unique complex families together, for better or worse, in the best way possible.

In all cases, these pre-marriage coaching sessions have qualified for Marriage and Relationship Preparation and Education, along with a reduced marriage license fee when I submit a letter of completion for each couple.

Once we coach in the partnering skills, clarify their values and goals, share a way to work through differences and conflict, these couples are no longer afraid. They are no longer anxious. They fully relish their excitement feeling aligned and fully prepared for a life together. They experience a deep sense of trust in their own ability to be a good partner. They know what “true love” feels like because they’ve worked for it. They know a life together will take some work as they face various challenges. It doesn’t feel so hard though, because they have the skills and the connection to work through anything together.

If you would like this sense of confidence and tools and skills you can use for a lifetime, please reach out for a complimentary conversation to discuss your needs. You may use the form below or contact me directly by going to my calendar here.

The Big Picture Partnering coaching approach to relationships may be just what you need.

“It was wonderful working with you over the past year. Scott and I want to thank you for coaching us and preparing us for our life together. Making our relationship work amidst our unique lifestyle is one of our greatest and most creative accomplishments as a couple. We are grateful for the guidance.”

Olivia and Scott, Coaching Prepares Them For Life Together

” I have wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Jan’s workshop to many friends and will continue to do so. A Dr. Jan workshop should be required pre-nuptial training!”

Pamela Nettleton, Author + Workshop Participant with Husband, Author of Getting Married When It's Not Your First Time and How to Live With a Middle-Aged Man

“When I spoke with you recently I told you how much happier we are now, but I forgot to thank you! Your help was the turning point for us. You taught us how to listen for understanding, acknowledge before responding, and calm down before speaking. It has made all the difference in our long lasting marriage.

What makes me especially happy is to see how naturally this comes to our son. He learned these skills because this is the model he grew up with. He doesn’t know any other way; we have broken the dysfunctional communication/conflict resolution patterns that existed in our families for generations.

This is exactly what we wanted to do! Thanks!”

“Big Picture Partnering is a must for all couples. The Big Picture Partnering approach that Dr. Hoistad describes gives you a step-by-step structure for building the kind of relationship we all dream about. Instead of struggling to figure out how to resolve your arguments, maintain your own individuality or achieve your big dreams together, Dr. Hoistad teaches you specific tools and skills so you can create a life that fulfills you both. Wherever you are in your relationship–newlywed, new parents, empty-nesters or life partners, this (book and coaching approach) will help you enhance your relationship in powerful ways.”

“Jan: Just wanted to thank you again for your coaching.
I thought you would like to know that Debbie and I (we had just started dating when we were finishing up my coaching sessions with you) are getting married this weekend. So, a whole new adventure awaits!”

Paul C., Professional Confidently Marries 2nd Time Around After Couple's Coaching

“If we had not taken Dr. Jan’s Big Picture Partnering Relationship Coaching program we would not be where we are (and who we are!) today.

When we first learned the Big Picture tools were only a year into our (now 8 year) relationship. We weren’t even married at the time, but we both knew we had something special and we wanted to nourish it, yet we were a little afraid of losing the good stuff if we got married.  When we signed on with Dr. Jan, we thought we would take away some basic communication skills – but we got so much more. We not only learned tools and skills to solve problems, but we also were pushed beyond our day to day lives to dream big about what we want for ourselves as individuals and what we wanted for our partnership.”

Megan and Mac, Partners through Dating, Career Development and Raising Kids

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