For Committed Couples at Every Stage:

Clarity, Confidence and Relationship Skills

—So You Achieve All Your Dreams Together.

What is The Big Picture Approach to Relationship Coaching?

Big Picture Partnering is a unique approach to relationship coaching.  It grows out of every committed couple’s desire to live a wonderful, thriving life together and to achieve their individual and mutual life goals together. When feeling in love and doing well together, you experience just what you had imagined a relationship should be. When the going gets tough, you may not know how to repair or reconnect. When this happens, people typically lose sight of their goals and cease to accomplish things well together.

The Big Picture Partnering approach to relationship is a time-tested approach that has equipped hundreds of couples with core relationship tools and communication skills to develop, maintain and preserve (even resuscitate) their relationships. These are essential elements you can use for a lifetime—through every age and stage of your relationship. The communication capabilities easily become generalizable to all relationships in your life. Many couples continue to spontaneously share the successes they have achieved. They proudly let me know—often years later—how well they are doing and what they have accomplished. They appreciatively share how they’ve role-modeled and passed the skills on to their now grown children. They are confident in their relationship and proud of their legacy.

But the Big Picture approach does not stop at giving you positive communication tools. While these are imperative, it’s often where other therapies and methods fall short, leaving couples feeling good for a time, but not focused on what brought them together in the first place. So couples often tell me they “felt good” about their therapy or counseling, but they cannot recall what they learned, nor do they know how to build on simply “feeling good.” So it dissipates.

Here’s how The BIG PICTURE approach is different. And lasting.

The unique focus of the Big Picture approach is that it builds on your solid communication and connection by focusing all that vitality on achieving your goals together. When you implement the tools, it empowers you with ways to stay conscious of your life desires at each new stage. It guides you to re-vision, to re-imagine and pivot flexibly when needed. Most importantly, it gives you the mindset, tools and skills to take action on those desires, so you move in the same direction together, accomplishing all of your dreams.


With a Big Picture mindset, implementing the core elements:

  • Keep you connected and communicating, making decisions and pivoting flexibly when faced with change or challenges.

  • Focus you on living the thriving life and achieving the big picture goals that brought you together, and the new ones you’ve dreamed together.

  • Show you a way to deal with differences and conflict, so you come together rather than going apart. It helps you bring your individual strength and creativity to the table, so you arrive at solutions and make decisions together—even when the topic or the circumstances are challenging.

  • Show you a way to deal with differences and conflict, so you come together rather than going apart. It helps you bring your individual strength and creativity to the table, so you arrive at solutions and make decisions together—even when the topic or the circumstances are challenging.

In a snap shot, the Big Picture Partnering approach empowers you with clarity and confidence, communication and relationship skills that will make you feel proud of your most important relationship and focused on what you are building together.

Are you ready
to get started?

How We Do It

With a desire to develop a strong relationship and introduction to the partnering approach and basic skills, we start where you are, then customize the coaching to focus on your desired outcomes:

  • For those in-love and wanting to have a great start, the approach gives them a common mindset right from the start. Learning the tools and talking about their goals concretely—not just assuming they are alike in imagining the future. This gives confidence in their choice of mate and their own ability to be a good mate, for a lifetime.

  • For couples who are disconnected and fighting, this means starting at the beginning. Not fighting. Standing still and learning to listen again. Then building on their reconnection to focus on achieving goals gone awry.

  • If it’s a couple 2nd (even 3rd) time around and wanting to avoid the mistakes of the past, learning the tools is like a long-term care policy, giving them new ways of looking at what worked and learning new ways this time around.

  • For others it may start with a need to work together better running a business they’re preparing to sell, while balancing that with home life and thinking about the empty-nest phase they face once the kids are out of college and the business is sold.

  • Then there are couples at each stage facing choices and challenges around having or raising a family, managing two careers, balancing work responsibilities with home responsibilities. As life progresses deciding what they want at each next stage and how to live a thriving life.

The Big Picture Partnering Core Elements

While there’s a lot of relationship advice out there, Big Picture Partnering is an approach with a short list of “Core Elements.” While sometimes we work through them step-by-step, depending on your immediate concerns the most relevant elements—to meet your needs—will be introduced first. In the end, these core tools and skills are like puzzle pieces. They are interlocking components. As you incorporate each one into your relationship and life, they gradually become second nature. They blend. You’ll find them indispensable because they make your whole life so much more enjoyable, connected and fulfilling.

These elements are made of the most basic mindset, tools and skills for healthy, adult relationship. You can always do more. If you do nothing else, do these things and they will keep you connected, communicating and thriving together—for a lifetime.

I’m ready when you are!