Tell Me What You’re Thinking: 117 Questions to Help Any Couple Grow Closer

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$19.95 paperback

Tell Me What You’re Thinking will help you and your partner begin many rewarding conversations together about who you are and what’s important to you. These 117 simple, fun questions will help you learn what your partner most likes, dislikes and cares about―and will help them discover the same about you. The questions are separated into 9 topic areas. You may focus on one topic at a time so that your conversations stay focused on one aspect of your life together. Or you can open the book randomly to any question and mix them up. Either way, these questions can help your intimate partnership become deeper and more rewarding―one question, answer, and conversation at a time. Sit down with your partner and ask a question. Then simply listen, letting them answer it however they please, while you pay close attention. You’ll learn things about them you might never have learned otherwise. When they’re done answering, feel free to ask them more about their thoughts and feelings on the subject. Then it’s your partner’s turn to ask you a question. You may answer the same question or choose another at random. Enjoy!



Big Picture Partnering for Couples — SPECIAL COVID-19 Pricing for a Limited Time

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$19.95* Discount Package Kindle ebook or pdf formats

(Special COVID Pricing for a Limited Time – Normally $39.95*)

The Big Picture Partnering™ approach to relationship, developed by Dr. Jan Hoistad, empowers you with the mindset, tools, and skills of partnering so you can be as effective in your personal life as you are in your professional lives. These are tools and skills you can use for the rest of your lives to keep you feeling connected and working in alignment with one another.

The SPECIAL DISCOUNT PACKAGE includes 8 Main Modules, plus 3 Advanced Modules and Bonus handouts. Full content descriptions for each module may be found in the individual module descriptions for sale on Amazon. On Amazon this package is delivered for Kindle.

The following modules are included in the DISCOUNT PACKAGE or you can purchase them individually: $4.95 each

Module 1: Your Big Picture Adventure

Module 2: Increase Positives + Stay Happy

Module 3: Couples Talk + Listen

Module 4: Strengthen Your Adult Self

Module 5: How Do You Handle Conflict?

Module 6: Work As A Team

Module 7: Put Issues + Dreams “On The Table”

Module 8: Turn Dreams + Differences Into Goals You Achieve Together

Advanced Module: Commitment Complexities

Advanced Module: First Things First

Advanced Module: Heartfelt Listening

PLUS Handouts: $1.95 each if purchased individually

Household Agreements for Everyone

Stop Fighting For Now Agreements

Regular Talk + Listen Formula

If you wish to have individual pdf’s of each module, please contact me directly at and request the discount package in pdf format.

$39.95 (*$19.95 through the end of July)


Big Picture Partnering: 16 Weeks to a Rock-Solid Relationship

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$16.95 paperback

BIG PICTURE PARTNERING is a step-by-step guide that can take any relationship to the next level. After 16 weeks, couples have all the skills they need to deal with conflict, align their individual values and priorities, and create a deeper, long-lasting connection with each other. They also have everything they need to create and fulfill their biggest, wildest dreams together.

BIG PICTURE PARTNERING is for couples at any age or stage of relationship. Whether they are single and want to create a long-lasting relationship, considering a lifelong union for the first time, or giving it another try (and planning to do it right this time), this is the toolkit for building a rock-solid relationship and discovering their true calling as a couple.



How Embracing Your Grown-Up Self Deepens Your Love, Strengthens Your Partnership

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$4.95 Kindle ebook format

Effective communication strengthens relationships. Like a good workout, “building the muscles” of a strong, mature adult self is a necessary foundation on which to grow relationships. Learning how to “build the muscles” of a strong, mature adult self is crucial for Big Picture professionals and partners. It is only when you can relate to others from a mature place that you can create and achieve individual and mutually satisfying goals.

In this Kindle ebook we’re going to explore the importance of establishing a solid foundation of individuality, of developing a solid, whole adult self, so that you can become more intimate, creative, and connected at home and in your work life. We’ll also talk about how you can achieve and exercise the muscles of this adult self, and improve your relationship dramatically by doing so.