Tell Me What You're Thinking - Book Cover

Tell Me What You’re Thinking: 117 Questions to Help Any Couple Grow Closer

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$19.95 paperback

Tell Me What You’re Thinking provides simple questions to begin many rewarding conversations about who you are, what’s important to you and what you most care about. Relationships become deeper and more rewarding―one question, answer, and conversation at a time. Enjoy!

Big Picture Partnering

Big Picture Partnering: 16 Weeks to a Rock-Solid Relationship

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$16.95 paperback

Big Picture Partnering is a step-by-step guide that can take any relationship to the next level. Working at your own pace, you’ll gain tools and skills to last you a lifetime—everything you need to confidently create the relationship you desire and fulfill your dreams together.

Formatted for the Online Learner!

Big Picture Partnering for Couples

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$39.95* Discount Package pdf formats (Purchase directly by emailing

The Big Picture Partnering™ approach to relationship, developed by Dr. Jan Hoistad, empowers you with the mindset, tools, and skills of partnering so you can be as effective in your personal life as you are in your professional lives. These are tools and skills you can use for the rest of your lives to keep you feeling connected and working in alignment with one another.

The SPECIAL DISCOUNT PACKAGE is updated and presented in a format for online learners. The package includes 8 Main Modules, plus 3 Advanced Modules and Bonus handouts.

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8 Core Modules
3 Advanced Modules
3 Special Gifts

Individual modules available on Amazon from $4.95-$1.95

How Embracing Your Grown-Up Self Deepens Your Love, Strengthens Your Partnership

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

$4.95 Kindle ebook or pdf formats

In this Kindle ebook we’re going to explore the importance of establishing a solid foundation of individuality, of developing a solid, whole adult self, so that you can become more intimate, creative, and connected at home and in your work life.

We’ll also talk about how you can achieve and exercise the muscles of this adult self, and improve your relationship dramatically by doing so.