Big Picture Partnering: 16 Weeks to a Rock-Solid Relationship

By Dr. Jan Hoistad


Big Picture Partnering is for couples at any age or any stage of relating. Whether you’re single and want to create a long-lasting relationship, considering a lifelong union for the first time, or giving it another try (and you want to do it right this time), this is your toolkit for building a rock-solid relationship and achieving your goals and dreams together as a couple.

Big Picture Partnering is a step-by-step guide that will take your relationship to the next level, no matter where you are starting. Working at your own pace, or in the suggested 16 week format, you’ll gain all the tools and skills you need to deal with conflict, align your values and priorities and create a deep, long-lasting connection. These are tools and skills you can use for a lifetime. They’ll instill a confidence that you can navigate anything together.

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Big Picture Partnering
Laila Walters, Recently Divorced

“Dr. Jan Hoistad has created a wonderful couples’ development program that is not only reader-friendly but is also indicative of her warm and embracing style.  As indicated by her book’s title, each chapter is written for the respective week in her overall program. The chapters focus on creating greater self-awareness about partnering styles, developing a proactive commitment to self and other, assessing and adjusting communication styles, increasing awareness of problem solving and conflict resolution styles, ongoing evaluation of individual and couple strengths/limitations and embracing creative change together.  Throughout her text, she also provides charts that clearly illustrate her concepts in ways that clients and interested others would be encouraged to use in their daily lives.”


Doug Greenlee, LMFT, Book and Media Review Editor MN Marriage & Family Therapy Newsletter

“Using exercises, anecdotes, and tools to improve communication and understanding, Dr.Hoistad demonstrates how couples can resolve conflicts and improve the positive aspects of their relationship. Her ten-step toolkit helps both members of a couple remember why they were attracted to each other, learn to find new options together, put issues on the table, and create mutual appreciation. Sometimes, it’s the little things, such as being aware of the other’s likes and dislikes; other times, it’s a willingness to be open to change. Nothing novel here, but couples will find that this book does simplify the process of learning to listen and understand each other, even if only one of them reads the book.”



Library Journal, Book Review

“I have been reading your book and have been so impressed with the voice, the style, the writing, the approach….it’s all very “Dr Jan,” at once helpful and graceful, inspiring and commonsense. Just a killer combination of qualities. It is going to do SO well and will be my wedding gift of choice to my children (even with no wedding in sight!) and my friends’ engaged children. Such good and solid advice! Well done”.



Andrea, Coaching Client and Mother of 3 Young Adults

“Super helpful guide to long-term partnering! Both my fiance and I read the book and explored the exercises. This book is written in a way that is clear and easy to understand. We liked the step-by-step guidance of how to stay in our Healthy Adult in conversation with each other about a variety of topics. We found the structure to be really supportive to our partnering process with each other — but also with other people in our lives. We especially appreciated the numerous examples and anecdotes about real couples who mirrored our own questions and challenges. It is clear that author Dr. Jan Hoistad is drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience with couples. Have already recommended this book to our family and friends!”


Karen and Paul, Newly Engaged, 2nd Time Around

“As an author, I have both enjoyed and endorsed her books. Dr. Jan is eloquent on the topics of creativity and partnering, and presents her ideas in language that makes obvious her years of experience as a therapist for individuals and couples. In a field where many write rather glibly, and where many books disappoint the earnest reader, Dr. Jan’s writing delivers both solid content and the feeling of getting wise advice from a trusted and very wise friend.

What Dr. Jan does is life-changing stuff. She improves marriages and strengthens unions. Any couple would benefit greatly from Dr. Jan’s workshop—and, they would enjoy themselves and each other. I recommend her books and her workshop very highly.”


Pam Nettleton, Author, Author of Getting Married When It's Not Your First Time and How to Live With a Middle-Aged Man

“Your book is great!  I found it very easy to read and user friendly.  I know it is written for couples, but I think everyone can benefit from reading it.  I learned a few more things about myself, about communication and relationships. I agree with your Big Picture style, in fact last year after having spent a week with my friends, I left there thinking they have a great relationship, and recognized it as the Big Picture style. Someday I hope to have that, too!”


Katherine, Single and Enthusiastic about Partnering Approach

“Big Picture Partnering is a must-read for all couples. The Big Picture Partnering approach that Dr. Hoistad describes gives you a step-by-step structure for building the kind of relationship we all dream about. Instead of struggling to figure out how to resolve your arguments, maintain your own individuality or achieve your big dreams together, Dr. Hoistad teaches you specific tools and skills so you can create a life that fulfills you both. Wherever you are in your relationship–newlywed, new parents, empty-nesters or life partners, this book will help you enhance your relationship in powerful ways.”

Jacquelyn B. Fletcher, Author of A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom