A delightful dual career couple shared with me in their 3rd meeting:


“Coaching is really good for us! We’re lucky to have shared values, but we haven’t really talked about them. And now, discussing our individual priorities and sharing what we wish for the next 5, 10, even 15 years in our life is eye-opening! It’s made us realize how many things we are juggling, yet how much more we’d like to do. Becoming aware and talking about it with your help makes it very real. If we don’t do this work now, with you Dr. Jan, we’ll be busy but life will pass us by.”



You go so much further when you clarify and work toward your goals together. How you do this together – how you accomplish the ability to work together is actually a skill you can learn through simple coaching steps. Just like this active coaching couple, here are 3 steps to get you started…


✍ Take the ➡ first step by looking at an important article in my blog ➡ in which you’ll learn about different styles of relating and communicating and how to come together as a team—as partners.

✍ Then take our simple assessment of where your relationship is today. You’ll find the assessment and other great resources when you visit ➡our FREE articles page here.

✍ Finally, reach out to set up a complimentary discovery call so we can discuss how I can help you clarify and achieve your goals more easily. 👉 Sign up on my calendar here!



I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Dr. Jan Hoistad


Dr. Jan Hoistad