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Commitment Complexities

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

This advanced module will teach you why it is important to be fully committed to yourself, one another, and your relationship at all times; and it will teach you the importance of protecting the relationship you value—even when you go through tough times.


6 Keys to Unlock a Long-Lasting Relationship

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

The mindset, tools and skills of the Big Picture Partnering approach will benefit you for a lifetime. Click to download this free 6 Keys to Unlock a Long-Lasting Relationship infographic and start learning more about the Big Picture Partnering approach.

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Your Goal-Setting Guide

9 Steps to Achieve the Personal and Professional Results You Desire

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

People who set and consistently act on their goals achieve more in life. It’s because their goals are a roadmap in an ever-changing, demanding world of distraction. Goals challenge them into action. Goals keep them focused and productive. Goal-setters are more at ease because their actions and interactions are purposeful rather than reactive. At each choice point in life, revisiting allows them to re-vision. In this free download, I will give you 9 steps to achieve the personal and professional results you desire.

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Goal-Setting for Couples

Yours, Mine and Ours: Achieve ALL Your Dreams Together

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

Goal-Setting For Couples, Yours, Mine and Ours: Achieve ALL Your Dreams Together Is an updated and expanded version of Module 8, especially for dual-career couples and any couple facing a new stage in their relationship or work lives, or choice point where re-visioning the future is necessary. Download this article for free!

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When faced with a Choice Point – Go Further, Faster

In Business, Career, Life, and Relationships

By Dr. Jan Hoistad

Find out what a Choice Point is and 4 Steps that you need to take while making Choice Point decisions in this free infographic that will help you Go Further, Faster and Live the Life of Your Dreams!

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