Couples Coaching: Clarity and Relationship Skills

So You Confidently Make Decisions and Plan,

Stay Connected and Play Together.

You’re a committed couple who dreams big. You want a thriving life. Your relationship, family life, professional pursuits, and maybe even a growing business are all of piece. You want all aspects comfortably melded, yet sometimes it’s important to disentangle them to make sure each facet is thriving on its own. That’s where our couple coaching comes in.

Blending career and personal life, integrating work and family, are high priorities for you in this demanding and complex world. A key is having the clarity and confidence, tools and skills to successfully work and play together. Over the years, the Big Picture Partnering approach to relationship coaching, developed by Dr. Jan Hoistad, has been helpful to hundreds of couples, be they professional couples with two careers, entrepreneurial couples with one or two businesses or couples with one overseeing the household and family organization while the other works in the business.

When you smooth out your daily details and reach for your greatest visions together, your life at home and the office, together and apart, is energized, more fun and rewarding. In couples coaching, when we clarify your long-term vision, current needs, then strategize doable steps to get you there, it’s invaluable.

The mindset, skills and tools of the Big Picture Partnering couples coaching approach are all about coming together around values and vision, making decisions together—partnering towards the same end goals and life vision together. And having more fun in the process.

Learn the skills together, apply them and experience the ripple effect. You’ll find application in both your business and personal life, through your team, family and beyond. You’ll be more successful in all your relationships. You’ll be able to more quickly recognize needs as they come up in life, and we’ll be able to work through them easily, moving you closer to your dreams.

Confidence and Skills for a Lifetime. Make decisions, stay connected, achieve your goals and stay focused on your “big picture” dreams together. That’s the aim of our couples relationship coaching.

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