Coaching for Business Partners: 4 Times to Work with a Skilled Business Relationships Coach

Business partnerships have a lasting impact on how and where a business will grow. It takes clarity and communication to make it work. All parties understanding their responsibilities, fulfilling the expectations of the mutually agreed-upon objectives for growing the business. Establishing processes to maximize each other’s strengths, focusing on commonalities in values, and shared visions for business outcomes creates a foundation of trust from which to grow. Business partner and owner coaching lead to successful outcomes. Figuring out how to bring unique individuals together in a successful business partnership is the goal. Because when things are going well, there’s an almost indescribable energy. And when things are going well between you, it carries throughout your organization and all relationships. Together you create better. You communicate better. You work better. You play better. You just do it all better. - Jan Hoistad This article takes a look at coaching for business partners and breaks down 4 times when you need the expertise of an experienced Business Relationships Coach whether you've been in business for a while or just starting a new business. How To Make a Business Partnership Work Business Partner Case Study Focusing For Better Alignment and Successful Outcomes Preventing or Repairing Difficulties in Business Partnerships Summary If you’re looking for guidance on improving your relationships in the business world, you’ll find lots of information on developing sales and management or leadership styles. Some resources focus on aspects such as presence, empathy, confidence, and listening skills. Information on how these [...]

Jumpstart the Next Stage of Your Career with a Complimentary Coaching “Discovery Call”

These past 18 – 24 months has catapulted some personal and professional lives forward — often if you were in the right industry at the right time, and you were lean, mean, and agile. If your position was indispensable to the company in the midst of cutbacks. If work from home (WFH) was seamless for you and your employer or your business. You may still be assessing if the opportunities during this global crisis are relevant or desirable now. At the same time, an overwhelming number of careers and businesses stalled out at the end of 2019. Growth or transition planned for 2020 was road blocked. You may have been eyeing next opportunities or even in conversations with a company you hoped would find you an attractive candidate. Suddenly many doors were closed. Business owners hung on for many months, watching for positive economic signs to hire and expand again. In this same scenario, enormous numbers at the low economic end were laid off or on unemployment for so long, 2/3rds  consider changing fields or occupations. The hit on women’s careers and equality has been devastating with many working mothers forced to step away from their careers. While you may have experienced these setbacks — and wonder which career, business, and life choices make sense for you now — you desire to move forward. Not knowing the "best way" to proceed keeps many people in stasis. Let's talk about an opportunity that can help you leapfrog through your choices so that [...]

Considering Career Coaching? 3 Ways Career Coaching Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Depending on the environment or field you work in, the concept of having a coach, engaging in coaching, career coaching, even executive coaching or leadership coaching, may be considered as familiar as breathing air. For some of you, it may be a new concept you're hearing more about and considering. You're curious. You wonder if it might be helpful to you. Addressing this question in a global way, every few years Erickson International pairs with The International Coaching Federation to study the question of coaching effectiveness and gathers data on what clients say they have achieved through the coaching relationship and how it's changed their lives. This article is going to explore 3 ways Career Coaching can help you achieve your goals in business. A Look at How Coaching Helped Others How the Perception of Career Coaching Has Changed How Coaching is Really a Partnership in Your Success Aligning Coaching with Your Goals Before we get started, it's important to understand there are two different types of coaching. Skills Based Coaching: Most everyone is exposed to fitness coaching, health or nutrition coaching, or weight-loss coaching. Nowadays there are experts in every field ready to share their expertise to help you achieve those goals. Getting help with your resume, elevator speech, confidence, presence, or networking skills may fall into this category. These types of coaching are more specifically focused on developing a skill or outcome (lose weight, develop a good presentation deck, speak more confidently in front of a group, and [...]

What Do Coaching Clients Say About How Coaching Has Changed Their Lives?

Every few years the International Coach Federation collects data on a global scale to assess the impacts and benefits of coaching. They gather information from coaches, companies, and individual career coaching and executive coaching clients. A new report will be out later in 2020 with data from 2019. The most recent study was done in 2016 when they polled 210 of their dedicated coaching clients to get their opinions on how coaching changed their lives.   The powerful benefits these clients attributed to their coaching included these percentages: Percentage of respondents who said they had: 6% a higher level of self-awareness. 4% became better at goal setting. 5% a more balanced life 1% lower stress levels 4% more self-confidence 5% enhanced communication skills 7% improved project completion 3% better relationship with boss or co-workers 8% health/fitness improvement 9% increased energy 9% more fun and free time 7% more income 3% a change in career   Percentage of respondents who say they turn to their coach for help on: 5% time management 3% career management 8% business advice 9% physical/wellness issues 5% career, financial, and lifestyle goal setting   Percentage of respondents who said they thought the main role of their coach is to be: 8% a sounding board – to listen to them and give honest feedback, 1% called the coach a motivator 7% a friend 7% a business consultant   Percentage of respondents who said their investment in a coach: 70% was “very valuable.” 28.5% of the remaining 30% [...]

Impartial Management: Doing Away with Favorites

DJHP / Leaders Nothing is more disheartening for employees than being on a team where its leader just seems to play favorites — unless, of course, you’re one of the chosen few. You get your pick of projects, find yourself constantly tapped for input, and may even enjoy a little preferential treatment when it comes time for promotions. Even then you might not feel you can trust the spotlight, especially if your leader shows any fickleness. But that’s really a story for another day. The thing about favoritism is that it’s become almost an epidemic. Sounds alarmist, I know. But according to a survey by McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University,92 percent of senior business executives have seen some level of favoritism in the workplace. While this number may appear high, it does stand to reason. If you click, you just click, and this can inadvertently lead to favoritism when you’re in an advisory role. Even something as innocent as a standing lunch date can turn into bias toward subordinates. We’re human, after all, and it’s difficult not to let our emotions hold sway over our decisions. To determine whether or not your attitude and actions are led by favoritism, I recommend taking stock of the following: Feedback. Everyone has his or her own managerial style. There’s nothing wrong with that, and this style inevitably affects how you deliver feedback. But this feedback should always be constructive in nature. It should set consistent expectations for every member of your [...]

Keeping the Personal out of Professional Communication

DJHP /Careers Let’s be honest, communication could be portrayed by many as one of the most important factors of relationships — both business and personal. I’m here to tell you that even though communication has been around for thousands of years, it has yet to find perfection. Let me narrow down the field of vision a bit, specifically, communication in the workplace. I’m a Millennial. I value communication. One form of communication that is very important to me and is a huge part of my value system is the idea of feedback. I’ve always received feedback: teachers, parents, coaches, friends, other family members, strangers on the street, social media acquaintances, and so on. I thrive on feedback. I want to know how I’m doing all the time. It’s how I attribute success. "When I hear I’m doing a good job from others, I truly believe it myself." Communication mishaps happen all the time, especially in the workplace. Even if you have the best boss and coworkers in the world, there’s bound to be some communication confusion at one point in time. Here are some things to keep in mind for effective communication: Ask questions. One magical thing about human beings is that each person has their own mind and their own thoughts. It’s okay to ask for clarification. One common mishap occurs when there’s confusion with the messages. Not everyone is a skilled communicator. It’s important to clearly understand the message being conveyed. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure [...]

Why Career Coaching is Important in Today’s Economy?

This was first published in 2000, but the principles remain the same today. Not so very long ago, Time Magazine published an article entitled “Play of the Day - Fostering employee loyalty in a tight labor market, companies are offering workers personal coaches as tools to help them thrive." The article describes how companies, many of them FORTUNE 500’s, such as IBM, Dow Chemical, Glaxo Welcome, Marriott International, and others including Eastman Kodak, Abbott Laboratories World Wide and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, all have found the merits of hiring career and executive coaches to help their employees discover what it takes to make them content in the workplace. When this article was originally published, the economy was booming with no signs of slowing down, and they reasoned that offering coaching to your employees was a good thing to help retain them in an employee driven marketplace – if they are happier, hopefully they will stay. “Companies also see it as a way to help valued employees evolve in a swiftly changing business environment.” (Time, 9/25/00, p. B27) Just 5 months later, we might characterize the business sphere as more “unknown”, definitely rocky, with analysts walking the fence not knowing whether to predict stability in the near future or more economic difficulties throughout months to come. Companies are feeling the domino effect of slowing sales and revenues, a growing number are choosing to layoff a first round of workers as everyone tightens their belts. There is an atmosphere of taking [...]

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