There are many Benefits of Career Coaching

There are many Benefits of Career Coaching—for your work path as well as for your personal life satisfaction. As we move into 2024, people continue to embrace greater sense of autonomy and choice. They want a lifestyle that includes work, but is not limited to work. They want a career path that includes flexibility, personal growth and wellness right up there with income.


The past few years have created a list of factors making many workers ready, wanting and maybe now able to reach for something different. More desirable? More flexible?

If you fall in the ranks of professionals considering a change,  needing greater challenge, even “looking,” maybe these are some things you’re questioning:

  • At this stage of your career are you ready for the next level of leadership, challenge, or responsibility but aren’t sure of the steps to achieve this?
  • Is relocation part of your company development plan and you‘d like to know if it’s right for you?
  • Have you been passed over one too many times and you’re having difficulty communicating or seeing eye-to-eye with your boss?
  • Have you considered taking your chances and just quitting or starting your own business, but assessing the risks and rewards is complicated?
  • You want more family and personal time. In this new economy, does it still conflict with getting ahead?


Every four years since 2007 the International Coach Federation has collected data on a global scale to assess the impacts and benefits of coaching—for both coaches and their clients. They gather information from coaches, companies, and individual career coaching and executive coaching clients. A recent report came out at the end of 2020 with data from 2019 an can be accessed from ICF here.

Data below is from the 2016 report when polling was included on 210 of their dedicated coaching clients to gather thoughts on how coaching had changed their lives.


Career Coaching Helps Clarify What you Want and Strategize Steps to GetThere

Career Coaching Helps You to Clarify What You Want and Strategize Steps to Get You There



How Coaches Self-Identified in the ICF 2020 Coaching Industry Report

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes and work independently or are hired by an organization. If you work within an organization you are most likely exposed to leaders who identify as coaches within their specialty. Sometimes a company provides executive, leadership or career development coaching for a broad range of employees from someone struggling all the way to high-potential people they wish to grow. Then there are expert coaches hired independent of an organization.

What is important is that the coach be well qualified, trained and have expertise.

Interestingly the 2020 study reported a small but slightly higher number of coaches with expertise in business, executive and organizational coaching.


Groups identifying as coaches from the ICF 2020 Coaching Industry Findings Report

Groups identifying as coaches (diagram from the ICF 2020 Coaching Industry Findings Report)


The powerful benefits these clients attributed to their coaching included these percentages:

Percentage of respondents who said they had:

  • 6% a higher level of self-awareness.
  • 4% became better at goal setting.
  • 5% a more balanced life
  • 1% lower stress levels
  • 4% more self-confidence
  • 5% enhanced communication skills
  • 7% improved project completion
  • 3% better relationship with boss or co-workers
  • 8% health/fitness improvement
  • 9% increased energy
  • 9% more fun and free time
  • 7% more income
  • 3% a change in career


Percentage of respondents who say they turn to their coach for help on:

  • 5% time management
  • 3% career management
  • 8% business advice
  • 9% physical/wellness issues
  • 5% career, financial, and lifestyle goal setting


Percentage of respondents who said they thought the main role of their coach is to be:

  • 8% a sounding board – to listen to them and give honest feedback,
  • 1% called the coach a motivator
  • 7% a friend
  • 7% a business consultant


Percentage of respondents who said their investment in a coach:

  • 70% was “very valuable.”
  • 28.5% of the remaining 30% said their investment was “valuable.”


The information above is taken directly from the 2016 report. Check back for research results later in 2022.

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