Every few years the International Coach Federation collects data on a global scale to assess the impacts and benefits of coaching. They gather information from coaches, companies, and individual career coaching and executive coaching clients. A new report will be out later in 2020 with data from 2019.

The most recent study was done in 2016 when they polled 210 of their dedicated coaching clients to get their opinions on how coaching changed their lives.


The powerful benefits these clients attributed to their coaching included these percentages:

Percentage of respondents who said they had:

  • 6% a higher level of self-awareness.
  • 4% became better at goal setting.
  • 5% a more balanced life
  • 1% lower stress levels
  • 4% more self-confidence
  • 5% enhanced communication skills
  • 7% improved project completion
  • 3% better relationship with boss or co-workers
  • 8% health/fitness improvement
  • 9% increased energy
  • 9% more fun and free time
  • 7% more income
  • 3% a change in career


Percentage of respondents who say they turn to their coach for help on:

  • 5% time management
  • 3% career management
  • 8% business advice
  • 9% physical/wellness issues
  • 5% career, financial, and lifestyle goal setting


Percentage of respondents who said they thought the main role of their coach is to be:

  • 8% a sounding board – to listen to them and give honest feedback,
  • 1% called the coach a motivator
  • 7% a friend
  • 7% a business consultant


Percentage of respondents who said their investment in a coach:

  • 70% was “very valuable.”
  • 28.5% of the remaining 30% said their investment was “valuable.”

The information above is taken directly from the 2016 report. Check back for research results later in 2010.

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