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Choice Points in Business, Career or Life

Over the course of business, career and personal life we all come to stages when we are dissatisfied, want growth or desire change. Decisions made at these times can have a profound effect on the course of one’s life.

Occasionally we may find that we’re thrust into these circumstances by outside events such as a layoff, a merger, new leadership or company reorganization. A divorce, unexpected illness or disability may also elicit change that impacts your work-life. More often it’s an inner need for greater challenge, typically in a role with increased responsibility, recognition and compensation that motivates us. Any of these external drivers may be paired with a developmental readiness for a mate, family, home or new personal circumstance that makes us seek change.

We call these “Choice Points” because you have a choice in how you respond or capitalize on them. Awareness of how decisions in one area of your life affects all other areas can be complex. At a Choice Point you can move forward fully aligned, with confidence, or you can be reactive and become sidelined, resulting in a lifetime of consequences you may not want. You can settle for less, never knowing “what if,” or you can take control and strategically plan how you respond to the choice point so you build toward a better outcome.

To successfully meet the pressures of today requires you, your life, and career to be seamlessly interconnected. We’ll partner with you during these times so you confidently land on the best possible outcome that connects your immediate choices with the whole-life future you envision. So you achieve more, with greater ease. So you move further and faster than ever before.

Speed up with clarity and confidence.

  • Know where you want to go or grow.

  • Get clarity on how to get there.

  • Develop a realistic strategic plan for the results you want.

  • Smoothly bridge to your longer-term career goals and personal desires.

Go Farther, Faster.

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