Organic Farmers + Foods

With a lifelong commitment to health living on all levels, raising awareness and protecting the environment for future generations (admittedly on a very small scale,) Dr. Jan supports her local farmer’s, farmer’s markets, and the related industries that feed and nourish us all. Excited about every innovation, large and small, she offers support for farmer’s and related industries through her coaching and consulting work.

Since 2009, Dr. Jan has done business consulting with several local farmers, many of whom are couples in business together, and/or multi-generational family farms. She continues to take on a number of these projects. Some are contracted fee for service, but when the project is of a certain size and time allows, Jan welcomes being well-fed in exchange for partnering on your project when she can be of help and the need is there.

If your food production partnership or business is at a choice point, and you require pro bono assistance in exchange for food, please reach out for a complimentary phone call to see if there might be a fit.