Coaching For Dual Career Couples

  • How do you establish a successful career while supporting your partner’s goals at the same time?

  • You wonder how to smoothly transition back and forth with your family needs, yet meet your own needs?

  • How do you keep the lines of communication open if your mate is moving faster or slower than the two of you had planned, and it impacts your career? How do you “take turns” yet keep from burn-out or resentment?

  • Do you feel confident that if you slow down the work trajectory to raise family, support your mate, deal with a disabled family member or aging parent you will be able to step in again at a later time, and have the support of your mate?

  • Do you have long-term plans together with strategies for meeting both your individual and mutual goals?

  • You’ve got a good relationship but want more for your future. You need help visualizing and strategizing a plan that meets everyone’s needs.

  • Are you experiencing financial disparity and don’t know how to talk about it?

  • One wants to change jobs or career paths, what do you need to know to confidently make choices, and mutually support that change?

  • The business is taking the focus. You are left to run the home, raise kids, feeling out of touch with your mate and worried you’ll be so disconnected your marriage will not weather the long haul. You’re not sure your mate even is aware of how far apart you’ve grown. How do you constructively raise the issue and repair the disconnect?

  • One of you has been offered a promotion requiring a major relocation. How do you face this choice point together and strategically act to ensure you have a great time, stay connected while meeting all family member’s needs?

If you are a dual career couple looking to improve your communication, deepen your connection, and strengthen your relationship—while also negotiating careers over the course of life—you may be looking for time tested tools and skills within an up-to-date, perspective. Tools and skills for a dual career relationship desiring a partnering mindset. The Big Picture Partnering coaching approach to relationships may be just what you need.

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