Strategies to Ensure Relocation Success           

We’ve worked with individuals and couples who have moved all over the country and all over the world for their career or business growth. We’ve worked with couples who travel for business each week or month. And we’ve even worked with couples who have lived in different cities or locations for a period of time.

Each of these circumstances comes with its challenges. How you prepare yourself individually and as a couple, and how you work with your company, all create a foundation for your success.

When you or your mate have been offered an assignment that involves a domestic or global move, there are 4 aspects to consider for your success.

We offer ASSESSMENTS OF READINESS—conversation with guided questions and explorations—to help you and your family, sometimes you and your employer, transition fully prepared.

We offer CUSTOMIZED COACHING AND CONSULTING—every step along the way—as needed for you, your mate, your family.

Here are 4 aspects to consider for your relocation success:
For You, Your Family, Your Company


1. Employee / Leader Readiness

Assessing your preparedness for a relocation and new assignment, your ability to hit the ground running once there and (if you have a mate and family) having the necessary supports in place so that everyone on the work team and the home team can be successful.

Many companies offer what are often called mobilization services themselves, or access to service providers for packing, moving, cultural and language training, educational services, tax resources, etc.

Whether your work is planning your relocation or you are planning it yourself for you and your family, finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company is imperative. understands this process and conducted extensive research on how to choose a mover and what to watch out for when doing so. This guide on the best moving companies features a side by side comparison of 6 different moving companies voted “best for” in various categories.  The companies were assessed on the services offered, type of coverage, company type, and reputation. They recommend to always obtain at least 3 different quotes, look into the pricing process, and understand what the movers won’t move.

When we clarify your assignment, review all of the components, strategize a plan with your next steps including support for your family, chances are your new assignment will get off on the right footing.

2. Mate and Family Readiness

Helping you and your spouse and family members, discuss all aspects of this change in their lives will help everyone go in with eyes-wide-open and prepared to work as a team.  By assessing your readiness and skills together, we can make sure you have a mutual vision, we can strategize your goals, offer skills and tools to successfully make the transition, navigate the culture and enjoy the time during your assignment.

Knowing that your mate and children are supportive and prepared will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the work assignment ahead.

3. Support throughout the Assignment

We offer two kinds of support throughout the assignment: Support for you as the leader and couple/spousal support. This is typically conducted through phone sessions, although in-person meetings are available when you are in the country for meetings or on vacation.

Again, such support and strategic assistance will not only help you when stressors or challenges arise, it will also give your family the support they so often need under these new circumstances.

4. Re-Entry and Next Assignment/Life Phase Planning

While it’s ideal to anticipate the next assignment and where you wish to live even before you make a big move for your company, this is not always the way companies plan it or the way it goes.

So our goal is to help you assess, clarify and strategize your needs at this next Choice Point. The impact on your life often involves re-entry, another assignment accompanied by another relocation. Or, sometimes re-entry with no job awaiting you back at your company. (This depends on the company you work for and their long-term career development planning with valued employees.) Whether your company prepares you for life-after a relocation assignment, or not, together we strategize your next steps, make sure your mate and family are onboard, so you re-enter or move to that next assignment as seamlessly as possible.

Not sure where to start? Let us help ensure your success. Reach out to discuss how we might be of help here: