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You’ve Worked Hard to Build It, Take the Time to Leave It On Your Terms

A staggering 79% of business owners have no written transition plan, yet 81% need the business to remain profitable after their exit. Whether or not you have specific goals and dreams you’d like to realize upon exiting, it’s likely you—if you’re like the majority of owners—you do not have the proper pieces in place. You will likely not be able to retire when you want, or the business will not survive your exit. This does not have to be a daunting undertaking when we approach it with a realistic strategic action plan.

Beginning to plan when you start the business is best. But 3-10 years out allows you time to not only reflect on what you want in life-after business, but also to continue to grow your biggest asset.

Dr. Jan is a partner for your whole life, through the changes and transitions required to exit your business. She’s the business coach for entrepreneurs, owners, and business partners. She and her colleagues guide you through business transformation consulting. They help you to clarify what you want and move you consistently toward fulfillment of your business objectives, blending them with your personal life. That’s Jan’s skill. She’s fully committed to accelerating your ability to achieve your business goals and to develop a greatly satisfying life after business. So you move through the transition confidently, and achieve more, with greater ease.

Dr. Jan coaches and partners with you through every choice point along the way. When it’s a big project such as a transition plan toward ultimate sale or exit, she partners with you and your business partners,  your team and associates, sometimes project managing so everyone works to achieve your goals together. And when you need to expand your team of experts, she’ll introduce you to our strategic partners, trusted advisors and business experts.  In this way you’ll work together to provide the best possible strategic solutions to your professional development, business growth and whole life needs.

Pre-planning Brings Freedom-Focused Exit Success

  • Have you become educated in all your options for exiting the business and considered how to do it most successfully, for yourself and your successors?

  • Do you have a trusted set of advisors in place, working consistently and collaboratively with you, to plan your exit/succession needs so you pass along what you have built and take your equity with you.

  • Is your spouse an integral part of your exit planning team? Do you feel committed, connected, have the communication tools and skills, values and desired future vision so you can go forward together with confidence?

  • Do you know what you want to do with your time once you exit the business?

  • Are you a company employee or a group of employees looking long-term, wanting to potentially purchase the company looking for ways to start the communication necessary?

  • Are you a young person impacted by a family exit/succession plan and needing help to understand if you wish to become the successor or play a role in the future of the company?

By this point in your life, you know your business and personal life are interconnected. As you shift more energy into one, the other can be affected. We’ll partner with you, and your closest people if necessary, during these shifts to create the future you envision. So you transition with greater ease. So you move into your next life stage with more overall life satisfaction and fulfillment than ever before.

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