Prepare for Life After Transition, Sale, Exit or Empty-Nest

In preparing for life after sale or exit, most business owners or leaders assume they have everyone’s best interest in mind—including their mate’s, offspring, employees, friends, and any others. It’s a big life transition for you and everyone around you. It’s not just a financial event. While good intentions may be assumed, taking the time to talk, listen, set goals, and plan for the future will help everyone around you feel included in this life changing transition.

There’s preparation and planning that needs to go on at work, in the business. There’s preparation and planning with your family. Click on this link to learn more about how we support business owners and professionals preparing to transition.

There’s conversations that need to occur at home with both your mate and family members.

Here are some common concerns of owner’s and their families preparing for “life after.”

Do you have concerns that if you slow down the work trajectory you’ll have the support of your mate?

Or maybe you’re worried your mate won’t know what to do without working all the time.

Future dreams are abundant but you aren’t sure how to get from here to there. You wonder if you share the same dreams.

What if one of you is moving faster than the other, excited about more travel, play or fun projectsand one isn’t ready?

It’s daunting to think of everything that needs to changeat work and homeif you start the next phase of life.

Maybe you’re fearful you won’t know how to talk to one another, or you won’t have mutual interests once the nest is emptied and the business sold.

Those with solid relationships might still want more for the future. Where do you start to clarify what that looks like?

Do you have tools for meeting both your individual and mutual goals, and figuring it out together?

By this point in your life, you know your business and personal life are interconnected. As you shift more energy into one, the other is affected. We’ll partner with you during these shifts to create the future you envision. So you transition with greater ease. So you move into your next life stage with more overall life satisfaction and fulfillment than ever before.
We’ll help you visualize and create the future you want. Reach out to discuss how we can help.