Maureen has many years of experience in managerial and director positions. She’s skilled in marketing and sales which she executed within her social services field.

When Maureen first came for Career Transition Coaching, she felt defeated in her recent human service delivery job that did not challenge her or involve her higher-level skills. While not an abusive environment, this job was toxic to Maureen’s spirit and held her back.

Coaching went straight to developing Maureen’s Thought Leadership and making her knowledgeable and well-known in her important niche.  Her passion centers on aging well, and aging in a vibrant community.

She had a longtime and unfulfilled vision of leaving the State Human Services system and starting her own company to provide unique services to a vital, healthy older population.

On the way to implementing her Big Picture Vision, through coaching we strategically devised a Career Transition Stage taking an interim position—working in an innovative company that was providing unique services to the older population she wished to serve in her future company.

Maureen’s interim position connected her to her “ideal” colleagues and clients, utilized her business /marketing / sales skills, and stimulated her innovative thinking about services to the healthy aging population. As a result, Maureen felt re-invigorated, regained her energy and was able to recover from hopelessness she had increasingly experienced in her social service position.  Most importantly, as she recovered and healed, Maureen continued to create her future business plan and launched her new business providing unique housing and lifestyle services for seniors just last year.

Dr. Jan Hoistad