When you work with an expert coach expect to expand your skills and stretch your capacity.
🤸‍♂️ Here’s what one business partner is learning in our coaching work together:
🗯 “I’ve always assumed I was a good communicator, but working with you I’m discovering just how much I’m not communicating with my business partner! How my trying to be nice has made me avoid saying what I really think.
My lack of communicating has kept me from facing what I really want in life, need in this working relationship, and want in growing this business. Your coaching is helping me gain the confidence and skills to speak up so we can achieve the business growth my partner and I both desire.”

So, coaching is not a passive process. Be it for your career advancement or consulting for business growth, it should be a dynamic relationship…

✔ of shared expertise, yours and mine,
✔ CLARIFYING what you truly desire, and
✔ exploring new ideas and options.

💡 All this should result in a phase of experimenting to see what works as you move toward your desired outcome.

✔ Building greater CONFIDENCE
✔ Increasing your SKILL SET, and
✔ Rallying your RELATIONSHIPS to focus on what you want to achieve!

Welcome and Embrace the Expansion and the Stretch!

💡 If you need help figuring out how you may need to stretch – or, if you’re ready to improve communications and strengthen your relationship with your business partner, then we should talk.
✍ Reach out for a complimentary Discovery Call. You can schedule a time with me  ➡on my calendar here.
Dr. Jan Hoistad