✍ An expert coach should “get” all levels of your experience and understand how they are interrelated and impacting you. They should empower you with knowledge, skills, and tools – building on your strengths – so that you can make the change you desire.

Working with a couple this week, who are also partners in a successful, rapidly growing business, I heard:

đź—Ż “You ‘get it!’ All the layers of our business partnership and personal relationship. All the roles we each play. Our long relationship history. Past experiences, love and trauma, joys and hurts. What we are trying to achieve at home and in the business. It’s such a relief to be understood!

We’ve already made progress as partners and I’m hopeful about achieving our goals working with you. It makes it all seem that much more possible with your support and guidance. Thank you!”




✍ If you are looking to have this same level of understanding, please reach out for a Complimentary Conversation. Let’s discuss what you want to achieve and how we might work together to get the results you desire. â–¶Schedule a time on my calendar here.â—€


Dr. Jan Hoistad