As a busy professional, business owner or business partners, it’s very easy to just keep going responding to day to day demands, and putting out fires.

When faced with changes however, it’s an opportunity – – maybe even a necessity – – to stop and evaluate at each choice point. It’s a time to clarify and reflect on the future you most desire. This way you can reassess. Do you have the support and guidance to move forward most efficiently so you actually achieve the big picture goals you desire.

It’s a time to reach out for a complementary call so together we can assess your needs and readiness to accelerate your growth.


✍ At every choice point in life, you have an opportunity to reassess to make sure you are on course. The opposite is being impulsive or reactive, which can take you on a detour that may impact the rest of your life in ways you do not desire.

So when you want to go further, faster: Sometimes as a busy owner or professional you have to slow down – make wise decisions that help you accelerate going forward.

Listen to what a coaching client said this week about what she’s learning in our work together:

🗯 “Working full-time for a corporation, managing a non-profit Board, and running a part-time business with a business partner, I’m constantly on the go-go-go.

With you, I’m learning just how much I want to “fix” things! How I want the answer right now! I’m becoming aware of how I quickly make decisions and don’t know how to reflect on outcomes. How I can’t say “no” to anyone but myself.

I’m good at that, but look at where it’s got me… anxious, teary, not enjoying the good things I do have because they’re so cluttered with the stressors. You are making me slow down, to release the overwhelming things piece by piece, so I have time and space to figure out if I stay at this company or continue to grow my own business.”

✍ This talented professional is learning to slow down enough to re-evaluate and refine her choices so she can enjoy her success.

If you need to slow down a bit to re-evaluate, and you are ready for some support and guidance to do so, please reach out for a Complimentary Conversation.


✍ By working together, I guarantee you’ll find yourself empowered to clarify what you want and as a result, implementing the skills, you’ll go further, faster. Let’s talk! ▶ Sign up on my calendar here.





Dr. Jan Hoistad