When you clarify the details of what you want, you can then communicate with your boss or employers who may wish to hire you. You can negotiate and dream with your mate, so you meet both your needs.

So more opportunities for a compatible career and personal lifestyle open up by communicating needs on both sides. It’s a catalyst for change and oftentimes new creative options come out of the mix! Even more often, it accelerates decisions on your career, business and life path.



That’s just what happened for a high level business leader who wanted some change in her career path, but she had not become clear with her needs. As she got down to specifics—with her employer and even her mate—new opportunities quickly came to the forefront. She’s happily in negotiations within her multinational company and with an outside organization that intrigues her.

She and her husband are enjoying imagining a major international move to a location they’d both love, closer to family and friends, with each of them reaping the benefits of having grown so far in their professions.

I realized just how much I was reacting to what I think my company needs from me. It’s a different perspective—for me to take charge of my destiny, find a way to communicate both my needs, expectations and open a conversation of possibilities the company also values. You’re helping me identify what I want from my career, where I want to grow as a leader. You’re helping me seek the right people who value my contribution and tell them my developmental needs.

If you are ready to clarify your needs and reach for what you want and deserve in your career and personal life, schedule a time on my calendar and let’s talk!

Dr. Jan Hoistad