This was a 2 year coaching engagement with an insurance industry executive turned business owner.

He wanted to get himself on a new track and help stabilize his teenage children’s recovery, after the long illness and death of his wife from cancer.

Coaching touched every aspect of his personal and professional life, from staying grounded as he dealt with his own grief and that of his  children, launching them successfully though college into adulthood. At the same time he met and married his new wife and they dealt with blending into immediate and extended family. At the same time the economy tanked in 2008 and the resultant impact in this execs business were tumultuous. So not only was he managing things on the home front, he was faced with many decisions while navigating major shifts and creating new partnerships with colleagues in his industry.

As his personal life stabilized, the economy settled out and his tested partnerships became clearer, my team and I assisted him in strategizing then adopting and implementing systems for a new aspect of his business so he could focus on developing the relationships and create the people focus that is his talent.

I coached him to infuse his brand with the deep values and relationship selling approach he wishes to bring to his customers.

Dr. Jan Hoistad