I frequently hear from people experiencing toxic work environments or abusive relationships with colleagues or even their bosses. The words in this post contain a spontaneous note from a high-level professional letting me know that in the midst of the insanity of her work environment, she felt understood.

I responded back with a note that said:
“I am so glad you feel seen. I hope you are able to get to a better situation. If there’s anything I can do please let me know. All the best. And remember, it’s not you.”

Thank you

I hope she, and you, reach out when you are ready to create a new path to your personal success.

The number of people experiencing such a toxic, even abusive, work environment or relationships is very high. Staying in such a situation takes a toll. It’s traumatizing. That trauma can have lasting effects.

It’s even more traumatizing and detrimental to long-term mental health when it goes unrecognized. My articles on the subject have comforted many people over many years as noted by the letters, emails, and calls I receive from people thanking me for acknowledging THE TRUTH about their situation. As you can see in the spontaneous note above.

If you are in such a situation, it’s important you seek support. Stay in touch with healthy people. Keep taking self-care measures—it’s essential.

Then I’m here for a Complimentary Call when you are ready to get expert help to carve out a new career path. Be determined to heal and move on in your career and personal life.


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I hope these articles and resources have been helpful to you. If you are highly triggered, I recommend you reach out to a good therapist for support and to learn ways to manage your symptoms. If you need a referral please go to my calendar here– and sign up for a 15-minute time slot. In the space provided, indicate that you are looking for a therapy referral. I will see if I can be of help.

Then when you are ready to explore career transition coaching, you may reach out for a Complimentary Conversation to explore your needs and how we might work together.



Dr. Jan Hoistad