Bob will probably never retire! When we met, he was letting work consume his every waking moment, and it was eating into his sleep.  Our coaching relationship helped him to let go of some of the tasks he did not enjoy. He discovered that without sharing how he was feeling with his family and without delegating, he wasn’t happy and he was actually holding himself back. He also discovered that allowing other people to do some of the tasks he didn’t enjoy was satisfying to them.

I think Bob describes our working together pretty well:

I run a small, out of the basement business helping people who are not technologically savvy fix almost any technology problem, from networking to virus repair, training in new systems to answering how-to questions. Needless to say, I’m a very busy guy. I was also a very stubborn guy doing it all myself, but enjoying the work less and less. I could not keep on top of my billing, organizing my week was totally reactive to whomever reached my on my cell at the time. And because I either work remotely or I drive to customer’s home or office, my equipment room spread throughout my entire basement, car and garage so much so I could barely walk into the spaces.

I’ve gone from doing everything in the running my own business to hiring my wife, daughter AND a virtual assistant in the past 6 months—My profits have nearly doubled. I’m back on my Big Picture vision of a business I love at this stage of my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been!

Plus I had little relaxing time with my family.

Through coaching with Jan, I finally talked with my family about my needs. I was really resistant to the idea at first, but when I finally did, they were delighted I was going to get some help. And they insisted I hire the “in-house” experts I’d been overlooking these past 7 years while running my business all on my own. Right under my nose!

My wife, Marilyn is now my bookkeeper, invoicing clients and tracking QuickBooks, meetings with the CPA, lawyer, etc. Thing she’s always been really good at in our personal financial life.

Daughter, Sue, is recently graduated with her BA in communications and is looking for fulltime work. She’s taken on the equipment organization as well as writing a blog including all the suggestions I offer to people so they can look them up online.

In addition we hired a virtual assistant who works 2 hours each week helping with scheduling so I am not inundated with phone calls and a backlog of work or upset customers! We have a system in place that is working like a dream.

It helps to invoice on a regular basis. My profits have nearly doubled. But more importantly I look forward to getting up each day. Thanks Dr. Jan!

Bob Jamison

Dr. Jan Hoistad