A Firm Managing the Finances and Needs of the Elderly and Disabled: Stabilization and Expansion Into New Markets

The Challenge

To stabilize this 10-year-old company, develop the leadership, establish greater growth potential, and prepare for expansion into new markets.

Our Approach

During Phase I there was a great need to stabilize the company, re-evaluate and develop new organizational structure and working systems to make the business run more efficiently.  Through strategy sessions and business planning process, all levels of the business were re-evaluated and re-organized.  Through individual trainings and a peer mentoring process, the founder/owner was trained in greater leadership skills.  He learned to grow his staff by delegating responsibilities and incenting appropriately.  Phase II involves creative projections and planning for the future needs of the baby boom and coming generations.  This executive has many ideas to meet the needs in coming years, along with a desire to move into this next level of visioning and growing his business – a business with massive market potential.  We are currently in the middle of investigating the many market opportunities and developing a marketing plan and strategies once he is committed to specific avenues.  We continue to work on all levels of the business needing greater strength and readiness for expansion in 2001.  These include hiring staff, altering the financial structure to handle greater growth, looking for new office space appropriate to the new markets, creating more time for the executive to act in his capacity as visionary.

The Outcomes

  • This executive is a much stronger leader.

  • The team functions more efficiently.  Everyone is more aligned with company goals and enthusiastic as they are given more responsibility and see the future growth potential.

  • A new Business and marketing plan are in the works with progress toward achieving these goals within one year – a very realistic timeline now that all systems and alignment are in place.

Dr. Jan Hoistad