A Study in Resiliency, Through Professional Transition, Personal Discovery, and an Exit Strategy. — Meet Alison:

Alison came to me when she was knee-deep in the Social Services system. As a leader in a business she had helped to grow over 16 years, Alison was now the expert, but not given the title or pay, only more and more responsibility. At the same time, she was well connected and highly respected in the larger community of disability, diversity, and inclusion.  Steeped in the emerging person-centered approach to providing services for people with disabilities—she was passionate about it—but unable to bring it to fruition in her current work environment which gave lip service but not full buy-in. This was frustrating and leading her on a path of burnout.

I could quickly tell, that despite her early-30’s age, Alison was wise beyond her years. I knew she was a visionary, ahead of the curve in her thinking and capabilities. Because of these characteristics and her personal support system at home and in the larger community, we were able to work quickly and deeply to change her self-perception and working circumstances. We did this through:

  • Individual coaching sessions focused on owning her thought leadership and expertise, uncovering her dream, or potentially developing her own program and training others.
  • We had a few couple’s and family discussion sessions to reassure her home stability, personal values and goals, and financial security so she’d have a foundation if and when she wanted to make a leap.

We talked about how Alison thought she would unfold her dream many months out. However, I’ll never forget the 3rd conversation which included her mate, also well known in the disability-inclusion field, where we drilled down into options for exit and what would be needed for start-up on her new venture.

Halfway through the discussion, I told Alison I thought she should turn in her resignation on Monday. This was Thursday! We drilled down into all the personal and practical reasons she was actually ready “sooner rather than later,” and by the end of that session we 3 laid out the steps to be taken to have a graceful exit and how she would spend her time preparing for her next work phase. She needed to give her visionary self some time to play and imagine, while also networking and exploring opportunities and partnerships that were inclusive, not only for her clients with disabilities but also for herself.

  • Continued coaching, along with participation in a group coaching mastermind I conducted, provided additional support as Alison began to turn her life-long passion into a career reality.

Looking back after a short time, Alison said:

I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months. As a well-known and respected expert in my field, I needed to GET OUT. My passion was being stifled. I did it with your encouragement, support, and expert coaching!

When I started THE DEEP DIVE Coaching & Mastermind I was unable to express my true gifts and talents. Feeling depleted and defeated, I was boxed in by a business I had helped grow over the past 16 years. The leadership could not support my CREATIVITY – and my PASSION about what I bring to the world.

The support offered to me from Jan and the Mastermind Group has been to focus on me and not my circumstances, accountability to keep moving through the unknown, and an emphasis on seeing abundance in what looked like scarcity.

Jan forced me to Dream Bigger and Keep the focus on My Vision while taking practical day-to-day action steps as I recuperated from my old job, re-energized, and balanced myself. She has forced me to accept that I AM an Expert and a Thought Leader and to plan accordingly! It’s sometimes scary –but that’s where breathing and tap-dancing come in!

I’m now excited for the future and am being embraced by others who want to learn from me. I’m moving forward as the creative expert I am. — Alison C.

Dr. Jan Hoistad